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    SBCGlobal is a fast-growing email service provider. This vastly accepted by the users because it is highly efficient and reliable. This email service is managed and handled by AT&T. There are several features which are provided to the users by this email service. But like any other email service, there are certain issues that the users come across while using SBCGlobal email. Most of the issues which are faced by the users are because of ‘SSL Error.’ This is one of the most annoying issues which the user can come across. This is an issue which states that the site of SBCGlobal is insecure. At a situation like this, the user would be confused about whether to log in to their accounts or not. When the site is not secure, there are all kinds of threats that the users can be exposed to. There are chances of their data being leaked and various other such issues. If you come across a similar situation, then you can promptly connect with SBCGlobal Technial Support Number where you can discuss the issue with trained professionals. The users also have the alternative option of going through this blog, which would also enlighten then with certain methods that they can undertake.


    Ways to solve SSL error in SBCGlobal Email

    If you wish to solve this issue, you would have to enable the secure socket layer. The steps that you have to follow to solve this issue is as given:

    • On your browser, click on the option of Menu and then access the settings.
    • Now, you would find the option of ‘Show Advanced Settings.’
    • Once you are in the advanced settings, click on ‘Content Settings,’ after which navigate to the available privacy section.
    • Further, you would see a dialogue box in the Cookies section, now make sure that you select the option ‘Allow local data to be set’ to permit both the first as well as third-party cookies.
    • After you have completed the above-said steps, click on ‘Done’ and close the process.


    Once you follow these given steps accurately, you would be able to activate the SSL on your browser. After you have activated SSL, you can then use all the sites which were blocked up till now. This would also solve the issue that you were facing with SBCGlobal email, and you would efficiently be able to resume using the SBCGlobal email account.


    If you find that even after accurately following the give steps, you weren’t able to solve the issue and your SBCGlobal account hasn’t started working then you would have no other option but to take assistance from the trained professionals by connecting with SBCGlobal Customer Care Number. This service is available on a 24-hour basis and is entirely free of charge.

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