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What are the advantages of oil-free screw air compressors

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    Air compressors are the main equipment in industrial production, and the production of all walks of life is inseparable from air compressors. So how much do you know about oil-free screw air compressors? What are the advantages of oil-free screw air compressors?


    Advantage 1. Cost saving

    Because the oil free screw compressor  does not need to use lubricating oil for lubrication, it is mainly replaced by water, so it will be more convenient to clean, which saves the cost of purchasing lubricating oil and cleaning costs.


    Advantage 2. With an oil-free air compressor, the water removal equipment can perform its duties without interference from grease. Its water removal function can be maximized, and its own device can also be protected to a certain extent. In terms of economic benefits, the maintenance cost of water removal equipment is saved.


    Advantage 3, save energy consumption

    Due to the special performance advantages of oil-free screw air compressors, the pressure of oil-free screw air compressors is much smaller than that of ordinary air compressors during work, so the power consumption is also greatly reduced.


    Advantage 4, easy maintenance

    Because the oil-free screw air compressor does not use lubricating oil in the working process, it avoids a series of failures. On the other hand, it greatly improves the working efficiency of the oil-free screw air compressor, thus saving a lot of maintenance. And maintenance costs, save worry and effort.



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