How frequently the teachers should give homework to students?

  • Homework are given to the student to boost the learning experiences in the classrooms.

    However, this has been the question for most people who need to know the frequency of doing the homework by the school kids. Here are some of the pros and cons the teachers need to weigh before giving the homework to the students.

    Benefits of homework

    1. Development of the good study habits

    When the students are given the homework they are searching on the internet Do My Homework For Free, they can learn on how to study by themselves without the aid given from the teachers. Therefore, the students are able to develop the good study habits because they can study on their own. The recognition of study occurs both at home and at school when the student will b able to deal with the homework individually. Therefore, the student can be able to develop the good study habits once he or she has been used to perform the homework alone.

    1. Fostering of independent learning

    The teacher should consider the homework to bring forth to the independence of the student when dealing it at a personal level. Therefore, the student will learn on how to be responsible and gain the essential skills which help one to move on from the academic performance to the tackling of the problems of the real world. Additionally, the homework provided to the students helps them to be independent in the future work that may engage in the rea world. Henceforth, the students will develop the responsibilities through the daily tasks assigned to them. This will also enhance the students to manage their time properly and allow punctuality in the progress of duties.

    1. Opportunities for the parents know the progress of the school activities

    The parent can know the progress of the school through the checkup often homework done by the child. This can be realized through the checking of the student’s weakness and strength which can tell the work of the teacher in the improvement of the child’s endeavors. Therefore, the teachers and the parents can work closely to improve the academic performance of the child. The common problems such as the shortage of the books can be well catered for when the parent is in contact with the student’s assignment. Also, the homework activities provided by the teachers will always bring the students together with the parents because guidance may be required during the homework ding session.

    1. Homework prepares the students for the examination

    The teacher should weigh whether the homework provided will help the students to revise for the exams. This therefore will dictate the frequency of homework provision. For instance, if the students have not covered a certain topic well, then it’s the duty of the teacher to provide the many assignment and homework as possible for the better preparation of the end examinations. This will be a great opportunity for the learners to learn what is needed to be done during the examination period because most of the tests would have been covered during the homework sessions. Henceforth, this practice of homework doing makes it a perfect preparation for the final exams for the students.

    Limitations of the homework

    1. Limited time for relaxion

    Most of students get pampered with a lot of assignment which deter them time to relax their minds once they come from school. This creates a boredom status for the students not to perform the homework well because most of them are expected to perform them from night to dawn. This therefor, may cause stress of the mind and the body may fail to rest as expected.

    1. Too much homework encourage cheating

    Most of the students get tired of doing the many tasks available to them. Thus, the many tasks offered from the various subjects deter them from getting enough time to do the homework in a more comfortable manner. Therefore, this means that the learner will be able to get the depend on the other students for the completion of the homework tasks. Therefore, the homework cannot be a good measure for the better or worse performance of the student. Therefore, many students would tend to work hard to please the teacher for the completion of the homework and not for the understanding of the concept. Thus, the cheating scenario of the students will not foster the better performance of the students but for the completion of the work provided.

    Therefore, it’s the duty of the teacher to weigh between the pros and the cons as stated in the above so as know the frequency of giving the students the homework.

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