Switch To LED Holiday Light, Lower Energy Costs

  • But switching to more energy-efficient LED holiday lights is not an easy task. The cost of LEDs is still higher than that of conventional bulbs, and the prices of Christmas LED lights have not fallen as sharply as the LED bulbs used daily.

    But in the long run, LEDs will save electricity bills because they have to pay for electricity bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, they consume 80% less energy than incandescent lights and typically have a 25-fold longer life.


    How to calculate the energy cost of Christmas lights
    Just knowing the electrical ratings (watts) can help you understand the cost of a string of lights. Here are the steps to calculate your own. For example, we will use 100 multi-color incandescent mini lights (power consumption is 19.2 watts) for calculations.

    Find out the wattage of the light = 19.2 watts
    Multiply by 0.001 to get kilowatt hours = 0.0192
    Multiply by 5 to estimate how many hours a day is lit = 0.096
    Multiply by 30 to estimate the number of days the light is turned on per month = 2.88
    Xcel Energy's "Total Cost" multiplied by 10.7 cents, which includes commodity prices, surcharges and fixed fees = 30.8 cents
    Multiplied by the number of shares: 5 shares x 31 cents = $ 1.55 per month

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