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Pharmacy Colleges In Meerut

  • Best B Pharma colleges in Meerut

    For students of medical (PCB) pharmacy is a wonderful option because pharmacists work with Doctors for recovery of patients.

    They are vital because they read prescriptions & administer correct dosage.

    Students should be particular while choosing their college because a futuristic curriculum is important at the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

    We should align education according to market because industry needs skilled professionals for innovating drugs.

    Companies are trying to dominate the global pharmaceutical market because pharmacy is crucial for humanity.

    The recent Corona outbreak underlined the importance of pharmacy because potent vaccines neutralized the virus. More threatening viruses will attack mankind because of overexploitation of nature.

    Pharmaceutical education should be result based that fosters discovery because only then humanity can survive viruses.

    The onus lies on best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut because they are the knowledge providers responsible for nurturing quality pharmacists.

    We should have result oriented education because we require innovative drugs to ward off viruses.

    Colleges professing bookish knowledge & dispensing degrees will not lead us anywhere because we need innovators, & quick decision takers.

    Colleges should create a robust infrastructure because it is necessary for fostering innovation critical for survival.

    They should make all-out efforts to develop innovative acumen for students because it is vital for their placement.

    Many institutions have created world class infrastructure comprising modern labs that inspire research because it is vital, thus making VGI the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

    We have established the labs in collaboration with industry because this ensures availability of skilled manpower.

    VGI has partnered with research organizations for collaborative research because this fosters innovation, making it the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

    India is a leading producer of generic drugs & vaccines because of technical manpower & low production costs. We lack research based drugs because R & D is lacking at our pharmaceutical companies.

    China dominates the global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) market with 80 percent share because they developed quality ingredients at competitive prices.

    We need to make India a manufacturing hub because self-sufficiency in API is crucial for survival in the pharmaceutical market.

    We cannot depend on hostile countries because they can spike the price at their will. This will affect our Pharma companies because over dependency is disastrous for any industry.

    Colleges should collaborate with industry because this will foster integration of needed skills crucial for job.

    VGI Meerut invites industry experts because they enlighten students on the latest trends, thus making us the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

    We conduct an open house where experts clarify doubts because this boosts student confidence.

    We undertake industry projects because this fosters problem solving crucial for innovation, thus making India the innovation powerhouse of the world.

    Experts manage our labs because they show the outcome with precision, thus making VGI the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

    The role of faculty is critical in fostering innovation because their expertise inspires students for research.  

    We hired them from central universities because they impart research oriented learning, thus making VGI the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

    Majority of them are doctorates with rich industry experience because industrial exposure promotes skill development.

    The Faculty development cell at VGI arranges FDP because they foster knowledge enhancement crucial for the learners.

    VGI is particular about the hands on skill of the students. We send them on internship because this fosters practical skills crucial for employment in industries.

    We have tied up with leading industries for internship because industry exposure help place the students.

    Students imbibe concepts under the watchful eyes of industry mentors because experiential learning is crucial for corporate success.

    Majority of them get placed during internship because we teach industry desired skills, thus making us the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

    India should develop expertise in APIs because they are the key ingredient in any drug. This competence will establish us as a world leader in pharmaceuticals because the world pharmaceutical market is worth USD 480 Billion.

    There is constant fight for dominating this market because of the high stakes it offers. China has successfully captured 80 percent of API’s market because of advances in R & D.

    India can dislodge China by creating a research infrastructure because it is crucial for our survival.

    The best B Pharma colleges in Meerut recruits industry experts because they transmit key skills vital for the students.

    The course delivery at VGI is student centric. Students internalize concepts through case studies, projects & lab assignments because learning happens through experience & not by rote.

    Regular Lab contests ensure students develop critical thinking because it fosters innovation, thus making VGI the best  Pharmacy Colleges in Meerut.

    We lay emphasis on practical’s because this nurtures hands-on skills vital for the Pharma industry.

    Over the years, our students have gained employment in research organizations because we profess real learning vital for drug discovery.


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