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    The Afrobeats style is making an appearance in the music industry but due to the massive upswing in Nigeria's culture and the emergence of Afrobeats, it's difficult to determine precisely when it started as well as when it's due to stop. But there are certain things that have become associated with the genre and the new generation of musicians that emerge from this. Here are some of the music that has influenced popular culture. What are the most popular music and artists from the genre?


    Afrobeats music mixes elements of jazz music, funk, highlife reggae and traditional African rhythms. Afrobeats is often a source of provocative political messages. Young African artists in the diaspora are blending the best music of Africa with reggae, hip-hop and house. This creates a genre that's universal, but has gained acceptance by an increasing amount of people in the U.S.


    Afrobeats styles started in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The launch of MTV Base Africa in 2005 brought musicians from West Africa a worldwide audience. Artists such as MI Abaga and Fuse ODG made use of this new exposure. In the early days, many African-American artists were playing R&B and hip-hop, however the pioneers of the genre, such as Fuse ODG, were creating new sounds of their own that combine modern western influences traditional tunes. Unfortunately, this was affected by the language barrier, but the growing popularization of this genre meant that many artists are now attempting to make it their own.


    In 2014, the hit song Say Yes by Michelle Williams was released. It is a reworking of the Nigerian song "When Jesus Says Yes". The beats in the song are based on the 3-2 and 2-3 beats of Afrobeats. This is not surprising since the hiplife track is now a global success, reaching the top five spot for the UK singles chart. One of the major achievements of the genre is the collaboration of two famous Afrobeats singers, Olamide along with his spouse Bukunmi Adedeji.

    Another way in which Afrobeats has made its mark on the world is through the emergence of charts. Afro Nation is launching a chart in the UK to highlight the music of Afrobeats from the UK artists. Afrobeats, in essence, is an amalgamation of R&B dancehall, R&B, as well as West African pop culture. Afrobeats' songs are targeted at positive, lively melodies.

    The Afrobeats trend began spreading throughout the music industry after Drake introduced it to the world in his hit song "One Dance." After the song reached 1 billion+ streams on Spotify it became the most listened-to track in the history of the streaming service. This makes Afrobeats more accessible to mainstream audiences. It has also earned international attention, and artists from all over the world are coming together to make music. However, the trend has only recently become mainstream, and Drake isn't the only artist to defy the trend.

    Afrobeats is a popular genre of music which combines African sounds with Black American influences. The result is a unique and enchanting blend of cultures. This style of music was largely created by Nigerian artist Fela Kuti and his group, Africa 70. The group was the primary source of the genre that blends West African rhythms, predominantly Ghanaian and Nigerian and R'n'B, along with vocal arrangements.

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