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Why Apostille is required and how to apply?

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    During the Hague Convention in 1961, it was decided that there is no need to certify the documents when people are traveling within the member countries. So, if Apostille of documents is done in one country then it will be considered legal and genuine in other member countries as well. This helped the member countries to eliminate the time, effort and costs required to repeatedly verify the documents, whether at the source or destination country. India is a member of the Hague Convention since 2005, so Apostille India is deemed legalized in all the countries that are a member of the Hague Convention.

    Why Apostille is required?

    A country puts in lots of effort and have a number of measure in place to provide proper security to the nation, its citizens and businesses. Document verification is one such step that can avoid many future problems. If the documents are okay, then the intention of the visitor is okay. Apostille documents serve as proof that the applicant is genuine and there is no forgery. Therefore Apostille is required when people travel abroad. Whether you want to go for study, work, business or travel, the Apostille document will be required.

    How to apply for Apostille?

    There are various ways in which people can apply for Apostille in India. There is e-Sanad, a portal from which the applicants can apply for certificate attestation or Apostille documents. Since it is a new project, Apostille of a limited number of documents can be done through e-Sanad. The documents from DIA (Document Issuing Authority) that has online document depository available such as CBSE documents can be attested through e-Sanad.

    As per the new rules any individual cannot directly apply for Apostille documents from MEA. There are authorized outsourced agencies that can apply for Apostille in India. So you can apply for your Apostille documents through such authorized Apostille services providers. Since these agencies are authorized by the government, your documents will be safe and secured. You will also receive your Apostille documents in time and without any hassle.

    Important points to remember for Apostille India

    1.       Apostille documents are issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. But before documents can be sent to MEA for Apostille it has to be attested by issuing authority and local state departments.
    2.       An Apostille sticker will be attached to the document which makes it legalized in member countries of the Hague convention.
    3.       Cost and duration can vary depending upon the type of document.
    4.       MEA attests to the document after verifying the sign and seal of the issuing authority. It doesn’t take responsibility for the content of the document.
    5.       Individuals must check their document has a seal and sign of issuing authority before applying for the Apostille document. For example, check if your transcript has the seal and sign of issuing authority of the university. If not, it cannot get attested.
    6.       Individuals must check the Apostille services they are contacting are authorized. They must check the authorization number and certificate of the agencies before handing over their confidential documents.


    By far you must have understood why Apostille is required. A country needs to maintain its safety and security. Similarly, it is also very important for an individual to keep their personal and confidential documents safe. Therefore, it is recommended that you properly check the authenticities of the agencies when you are looking for Apostille services to get your Apostille document. Worldwide transcripts is an authorized agency for processing Apostille in India. Contact us on the below-mentioned details to get your Apostille document now.

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