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How To Get Embassy Attestation

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    WES and IQAS are very popular and most sought-after credential assessment bodies for international students looking to study or settle in Canada. While WES is a private entity serving across the globe, IQAS is a government of Alberta service that evaluates educational credentials for immigrants to Canada only. But why were these ECA bodies set up? Why do these assessment bodies receive thousands of applications every month? Why are they so much important? Let’s check it out.

    If you don’t know ECA or educational credential assessment is mandatory for students coming to Canada from different countries. Not only Canada, but every country also requires an ECA report from the international students to work in the country. We have written a detailed blog on what is ECA, what are ECA agencies and how to find the best ECA agency for your educational credentials. You can find that detailed article in the blogs section of our website. To tell you in brief, ECA means converting your educational credential from one country to be functional in another country. An educational credential assessment report from WES for Canada means your academic results have been translated for use in Canada as per the Canadian academic standards. For example, if you have completed a CA course from ICAI, then your CA result is valid only in India. You will need your ICAI transcript evaluated from WES, for Canada to be accepted in Canada as well. When your ECA report is generated from WES, you can go for embassy attestation and complete other immigration formalities.

    ECA from WES is very important from both employee’s as well as employer perspectives. If you have a valid ECA report from WES for Canada, then you can be confident that you have proof of credibility and you have sufficient education to seek a job in Canada. Whereas if you do not hold an ECA certificate, you may be in doubt whether your application will be shortlisted or not which will ultimately hamper your confidence. Leave aside the confidence, without an ECA report, most companies may not even shortlist your resume. Similarly, if the employer finds an ECA report along with your resume, they can easily gauge your educational qualification as per their country’s education standard. Moreover, embassy attestation on the WES certificate will be an added advantage proving the genuineness of the degree. So if you have your ICAI transcript evaluated from WES and attested from the embassy, it will hold as much value in Canada as it holds in India. ICAI degree is one of the most reputed degrees in India and it should get as much respect in Canada also, isn’t it?

    So now that you know why educational credential assessment is very important, you must also know there are a lot of credential evaluators in the market. While WES and IQAS can be considered as most popular, there are other bodies too like ECE, CES, IERF, GCE, etc. Being a government service, IQAS is the most trusted assessor that receives a huge volume of applications every month. Followed by IQAS, WES is another credential evaluator preferred by international students because of its quick delivery time and accurate interpretation. So if you are looking for your ICAI transcript evaluated you know whom to contact. You can go for either IQAS or WES for Canada or if you don’t prefer these, there are plenty of other options too. But when it comes to outsourcing your transcript requirements, ECA and embassy attestation, you can without any doubt consider worldwide transcripts for your documentation needs. Want more details? Shoot your message from the enquiry form below.

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