How To Ensure The Safety Of Small Household Elevators

  • The elevator is a special equipment. The manufacturer engaged in it must hold the relevant production qualification of the elevator. The مصعد صغير للمنزل of the villa has not kept up with the current laws and regulations. It is not within the scope of supervision and management. Many unqualified manufacturers even include so-called imported brands. We use water to fish, but our industry mainly has a clear understanding of elevators that involve our own personal safety. Small home elevators are installed in private spaces. It is especially important to get along with us day and night.
    In addition, many qualified elevator manufacturers have safety-type reports on passenger elevators, but for small-sized home elevators, there is no need for mandatory inspections, and there is no safety-type test report for compression costs. Personal injury and death, the speciality of the use of small household elevators, the requirements should be higher than the passenger ladder! Therefore, Otes has carried out a safety test on every component and even manual door locks. It is necessary to know that each report must pass hundreds of thousands of tests, and no problem can be issued. We are pursuing high quality and cost performance. Not only rely on low prices to cater to, but not to guide users with professionalism! Otes is a professional small home elevator design and manufacturing manufacturer. If you choose us, you will never regret it!