Otse Villa Elevator Operation Explanation

  • With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of science and technology, many people will choose to install villas at home. How do villa elevators work? Elevator Villa Elevator has a car and a counterweight, which are connected by wire ropes. Today, otse elevator company will give you a concrete explanation.

    1. When the villa elevator runs for the first time in each shift, it must be operated at no load and full load. The ladder cage should be lifted about 1m away from the ground to check the sensitivity of the brakes, then continue to the upper floor platform to check the safety protection door, upper limit position, front and rear door limit. , confirm that the normal can be put into operation.
    2. The ladder cage must be evenly distributed when riding and loading, and overloading is strictly prohibited.
    3. When the elevator runs to the uppermost layer and the lowermost layer, the button should still be operated. It is strictly forbidden to stop by the automatic collision of the travel limit switch.
    4. Before the فيلا مصعدstarts, it must first whistle to alert the police, and the night operation should have sufficient illumination.
    5. Double cage elevator When one ladder cage is under maintenance or overhaul, the other ladder cage must not be operated.
    6. During the operation of the elevator, the driver is not allowed to do the actions that hinder the operation of the elevator. It is not allowed to leave the operation post. The sound, temperature, odor and external obstacles of the elevators should be observed at any time. It is found that the abnormality should be stopped and checked in time. The fault is not ruled out. It is strictly prohibited to operate. The villa elevator has a car and a counterweight, which are connected by a wire rope, and the wire rope is driven by the traction of the driving device, so that the elevator car and the counterweight move up and down on the inner rail of the elevator.

    The two ends of the traction rope are respectively connected with the car and the counterweight, and are wound around the traction sheave and the guide wheel. The traction motor drives the traction sheave through the shifting of the reducer, and the traction force generated by the friction between the traction rope and the traction sheave is generated. To achieve the lifting movement of the car and the counterweight for transportation purposes.