The Size Of The Small Indoor Elevator

  • Many owners want to install small indoor elevators to understand, different types of units and different installation locations will affect the size, and the minimum size that different brands can achieve is not the same, after all, the technology of each company is different, Knowing the smaller the elevator, the harder it is to do. Xiao Bian believes that small indoor elevators are divided into many categories. The driving of each type of small indoor elevator is different, and the specifications are different. The مصعد داخلي صغير of any classification should be analyzed according to the actual situation of customers.

    The inorganic indoor traction type small indoor elevator itself is heavier in weight, and is more suitable for installation in self-built houses and villas. Because of the fast running speed of the traction elevator, it is stable and reliable, and it has become a small indoor elevator that many villa owners love. Xiaobian today recommends the Qingdao Zhongsan Inorganic Room Traction Elevator, which has standard configuration and can be customized according to the actual situation of the owner. Adopting advanced high-end accessories in the line, the traction machine and the control cabinet all adopt high-end brands, the latest increase in the wireless landline telephone in the car, no wiring, no need to carry the mobile phone with you, just insert a mobile phone card to keep the communication inside and outside the elevator unblocked, give When the owner increases the status symbol, it can also prevent the troubled person from calling for help. And a variety of different materials of the car and hall car door decoration to meet the needs of the different levels of the owner, the inorganic room traction elevator can do the minimum jingjing net size 900 * 900.