Choose The Type Of Small Indoor Elevator That Suits You

  • The small indoor elevator is a مصعد داخلي صغير type suitable for private use at home, and the size is different depending on the specific needs of the use. What is the minimum size of a small indoor elevator? How large is the small indoor elevator installed? Regarding this issue, the use of the home is different, and the appropriate size will vary. From the demand, choose the one that suits you best.

    A small indoor elevator is a small indoor elevator that is installed in a private home and is intended for use by a single family member. It can also be installed in a building that is not used in a single home, as a tool for a single family to enter their home. The rated speed of small indoor elevators shall not exceed 0.4m/s. For small indoor elevators without car door, the rated speed shall not exceed 0.3m/s, the car stroke shall not exceed 12m, and the rated load shall not exceed 400KG. Mainly divided into small indoor elevators, small indoor elevators, small hydraulic indoor elevators. We need to determine the environment in which the installation is to be used, such as the size of the villa and the actual environment in which the small indoor elevator is installed. We generally choose the style of a small indoor elevator in combination with the overall decoration style of the villa when determining the size. In this case, it will not only affect the aesthetics of the villa, but may also add points. The commonly used structure is a drag gantry structure.

    Nowadays, more and more people are installing small indoor elevators in the home. There are 3-5 floors in the villa project and self-built houses. It is necessary to install a small indoor elevator, which is convenient for going up and down the building and improving the quality of life. The specifications for small indoor elevators are relatively small. The actual size depends on the size of your home. The number of small indoor elevators is also a key factor. Because small indoor elevators of each size have a certain load capacity and long-term exceeds the approved load, the service life of small indoor elevators will be greatly reduced, leaving a safety hazard. In addition to considering the number of fixed-life members of the family, we also need to consider whether there are frequent foreigners in the family. These are issues that need to be considered when setting the size of a small indoor elevator.

    Customers are advised to choose the type of small indoor elevator that suits their needs based on actual usage needs. At the same time, it should be noted that manufacturers must find professional production and installation qualifications, it is best to have maintenance points nearby, in order to ensure future use problems and lower failure rates, otherwise maintenance is very troublesome.

    Common residential small indoor elevators take more people every day, the floor is also relatively high, usually calculated according to the load of 1000 kg, and may also carry some large items such as furniture, so the size of the hoistway is larger, Significantly larger than the size of the villa. Therefore, when purchasing a small indoor elevator in a villa, it cannot be selected according to the size of the small indoor elevator commonly used by residents, but needs to be specifically selected according to the height of the villa floor.

    It can be found that the size of small indoor elevators is large and small, ready-made, and can be tailored to meet individual needs. There is no minimum or maximum point, as long as it can meet daily needs, as long as it is safe, such a small indoor elevator can be used with confidence.