Villa Elevator Related Decoration Problems

  • With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people are now supporting villa elevators in the new villas in order to pursue a higher quality of life, but most of the supporting villas are equipped with elevator doors and cars. They are all made of ordinary stainless steel or steel plate. The color is single and they are not in harmony with the style of home decoration. The overall feeling is not like the elevator used in the home. It is like a passenger elevator in public. So how do you decorate the elevator and the overall decoration of the family? Today, I will follow the otse elevator company to specifically understand the decoration problems of the فيلا مصعد.

    For the new elevators that have been matched or the elevators that have been used for a long time, the simplest post-decoration is based on the existing door panels and cars, and the second decoration, such as wood decoration or art glass lamination decoration. This method is relatively low in cost, and the construction difficulty is also the simplest. Just like the mobile phone film, it can be replaced again after a long time.

    If you still like the metal car and door, then the method of post-decoration is very different. One way is to re-package the elevator door or the car (such as copper in the later stage).

    There is also the replacement of the original car and door. Both methods must have a professional person to disassemble and install the elevator, so the construction is relatively troublesome and the use is relatively high. The more common elevator decorations are mirror etching, titanium etching, rose gold etching, black titanium etching, copper decoration, etc. As for the decoration comparison and home decoration, it is necessary to make a decision before making a decision. In summary, we must have some understanding. If you want to know more about related industries, please come and pay attention to our official website, where we will update more relevant information.