Tongda China Desktop Xrd Cheap And Cost-effective

  • It is now increasingly difficult to find high-grade ore reserves, forcing mining companies to deal with low-grade and complex ores. Confirming the composition of incoming ore-bearing rocks, pre-planning and optimal treatment of the company, and controlling costs are critical.

    The China benchtop xrd developed and produced by Tongda provides rapid mineral identification and quantification for mineral exploration and mining. The Chinese desktop xrd uses technology developed for the NASA Mars Rover project and offers many advantages for ore processing.

    First, the sample is prepared easily

    Some Chinese desktop xrds require a lot of sample preparation before getting the data, and Tongda's desktop xrd makes this job extremely simple. A small amount of sample (15 mg only) is ground to form a powder, which is then placed in the sample chamber of a portable small benchtop X-ray diffractometer for subsequent analysis.

    Second, on-site analysis

    Field work

    Whether on-site or on the platform of a cabriolet truck, the Tongda Portable XRD Small Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer gives you the flexibility to choose the most convenient location for analysis.

    Third, low cost, high cost performance

    Tongda China desktop xrd reduces your acquisition cost

    Large laboratory portable small benchtop X-ray diffractometers are expensive, but the technology allows Tongda to produce cost-effective instruments with minimal error with most expensive systems.