Measures To Ensure The Safety Of Villa Elevators

  • First, the function and safety measures of the فيلا مصعد

    Villa elevator users lack elevator expertise, no professional elevator service personnel, safety can not be reduced, it is best to configure passenger elevators according to the standard.

    There are usually two ways to open the door. Automatic doors and manual doors. The automatic door and the manual door must have an organic electric interlock function to prevent the door from being opened when the elevator is not in use.

    1. Foreign domestic elevators have no shafts on the second floor and no doors. However, safety measures must be taken to prevent shear collisions.
    2. Some villa elevators are designed as manual swing doors, while cars have no doors. Light roller shutters must be installed to ensure the risk of frictional collisions.
    3. It is recommended to pick up the extension in the car to prevent the alarm and call for help when it is difficult.
    4. Add self-help measures and procedures for people in need. Passenger ladders are not allowed to support themselves, and family members are different. Fully copying may cause long-term distress.
    5. Standard equipment is equipped with power failure emergency leveling function and device. However, this feature should be used under abnormal conditions, such as maintenance.

    Second, import and export security

    The failure of the elevator door of the villa accounts for a large proportion of the elevator failure. Once the protection of the door fails or fails, the consequences are serious, especially if it cannot be used together with the elevator of the car door, it should be paid attention to.

    1. At present, there is more protection for the single light curtain of the elevator to prevent the risk of light curtain failure. The use of the touchpad is better, but it is more troublesome to install and debug the guestboard touchpad. A small movable fan with an electric switch can be installed in front of the door.
    2. In order to prevent accidents falling into the well from entering the air, the door must have an electromechanical interlocking function, at least a mechanical lock connected to the car and an electrical switch connected to the floor door.

    Third, the appropriate speed:

    Due to the low family floor, the elevators in the villas are inconvenient for the elderly. Not too fast. 0.4m / s (according to gb21739-2008) can be.

    Fourth, inside and outside decoration:

    Villa elevators must pay attention to decoration. The key to the decoration is not luxury but a combination of home decoration style. Based on the principle of simplicity and practicality, we will increase the highlights of home life, such as wooden cars, sightseeing cars, stainless steel cars, ceiling lights, mirror headlights, and energy-saving lamps. External veneers, bricks and marbles are available.