How To Reduce The Energy Consumption Of Villa Elevators

    1. The drive system uses a permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor. The rotor of the permanent magnet synchronous motor has no current to pass through, and the rotor has no problem. Usually 45%-60% lower than asynchronous motors. In addition, if there is no low-power high-energy worm drive, energy consumption can be further reduced.

      2. This is an energy-saving solution where the main engine drives two cars up and down on a set of ladders with fewer downtimes. Another way to reduce energy consumption is to control energy consumption during elevator operation. When the فيلا مصعدruns without load, the regenerative energy is fed back to the grid using the characteristics of the motor. This energy saving method has a significant impact on high speed elevators.

      3. Another energy saving solution will be completed in software control. For example, we should establish a real-time mode of transport and try to transport more passengers with less traffic to minimize the number of stops in the elevator. The passenger registration scheme introduced on the floor, combined with the villa elevator call and vehicle command, is a revolutionary technology for the elevator control method, so that the original station passengers do not know the purpose of the layer, so that the control system reaches the highest power of the villa elevator dispatch.

      4. Another way to reduce the energy consumption of the operating process is to set the acceleration and deceleration mode of the elevator operation of the villa to a variable parameter, ie the speed of the elevator operating system. The rate of change of the acceleration varies with the distance traveled and also varies with the vehicle. Through the simulation software, the optimal running curve between different floors was determined.

      5. Make full use of solar energy as the compensation power supply for the elevator by using the elevator machine room.

      The above are some methods on how to reduce the energy consumption of villa elevators. I believe that after reading the above articles, everyone has already understood the relevant aspects. If you want to learn more about the villa elevator in the future, then don't miss our otse official website.