Custom Small Indoor Elevator Needs To Pay Attention To What

  • The small indoor elevator customization retains a good design level, and the small indoor elevator customization with good reputation will select the appropriate elevator according to the width and depth of the wellhead size and the width and depth of the elevator. If there is no reserved shaft, new wells can be created in suitable places indoors and outdoors according to the site environment, and the home elevators can be customized according to the detailed size of small indoor elevators. The following is a detailed introduction to the مصعد داخلي صغير customization to pay attention to what.

    1. Pay attention to the influence of household elevator power consumption and running sound on life.

    Small indoor elevators Customized core components The speed of the motor is generally lower, and the power consumption and the domestic refrigerator do not have to worry about daily operating costs. In addition, the motor is generally installed on the top of the well, and the operating speed of the home elevator is generally lower than that of the public elevator. The customized wall of the small indoor elevator is operated by the noise reduction technology, which does not affect the sleep of the family and the noise of rest. A good elevator pays more attention to the guarantee of technology and performance, and the convenience of operation is also an important aspect for people. On the other hand, in terms of the safety of the details, the performance of the villa elevators are generally focused on the humanized design will also involve the details, that is, the details of the precautions to prevent security risks.

    2, pay attention to the length of the small indoor elevator installation cycle

    The small indoor elevator customization industry is committed to producing high-standard and high-quality customized products. The Chinese factory is customized to implement European production standards, and insists on importing all safety components from Europe. The small indoor elevators are customized after sale and are guaranteed by design. Customized transportation processes for strict quality control. Therefore, the small indoor elevator customization needs to mark the measurement distance in each direction of the net size. If there is any unfinished distance in the well, it is necessary to explain to the factory technician.

    All in all, the small indoor elevator customization makes the entrance easier, the home life is more free, and it is integrated into the building to enhance the decorative style and beauty. It is a necessary configuration for high-end enjoyment in comfortable life. It is important to note that the net size of custom elevators for small indoor elevators is very important. Each elevator is a custom product, all dimensions are closely spliced ​​and the dimensions are interrelated.