Small Indoor Elevator Hidden Danger Treatment

  •  With the rapid development of the economy, the construction industry is also booming, so the demand for small indoor elevators is growing. However, the safety of small indoor elevators has also become a focus of attention.
    1. Safety hazards in the installation of small indoor elevators
    One of the hidden dangers is that the guards for rotating parts of small indoor elevators are not installed properly. According to relevant laws and regulations, the protection devices used in small indoor elevators should be able to see rotating parts and not interfere with the inspection and maintenance of maintenance personnel. In another law and regulation, the requirements for the protection of rotating parts of مصعد داخلي صغير are: protective devices should be provided for pulleys, chains, speed limiters, traction sheaves, etc. between machinery and equipment, in the hoistway and on the car.
    The second hidden danger is that the brightness of the emergency lights installed in the small indoor elevator car is insufficient.
    When the normal lighting of the small indoor elevator is interrupted, the emergency light can be turned on in time, and the emergency power source can be automatically recharged. However, most of the small indoor elevators that are currently in use have emergency lighting, but the brightness of the emergency lights in the car usually does not meet the requirements. For example, the emergency lighting of some small indoor elevators in this city can't even compare with the brightness of the mobile phone. It is impossible to see some safety tips for the operation panel and the small indoor elevator.

    The third hidden danger is that the progress of civil works does not match the progress of installation of small indoor elevators. The lag in civil construction is mainly for new small indoor elevators.

    In the event of a small indoor elevator, passengers can pass through the five-party communication system of the small indoor elevator (ie management center host, small indoor elevator car extension, small indoor elevator machine room extension, small indoor elevator top machine room extension, small indoor elevator bottom machine room) The extension) gets in touch with the outside world to get rescue. However, in the newly installed small indoor elevator inspection and inspection, the civil engineering department often cannot keep up with the progress. When the construction of the small indoor elevator is completed and can be operated normally, the construction of the duty room has not been completed, and the five-party intercom system will have problems. The newly installed small indoor elevators are especially installed in newly built residential quarters. Often, the property management is not in place. Once the small indoor elevators in the residential quarters are in trouble, the contact is not smooth and affects the rescue, which is likely to cause relatively bad effects.