How To Ensure The Safety Of Small Indoor Elevators

  • When installing a small indoor elevator at home, it is still necessary to pay attention to whether the small indoor elevator has a safety function. Only these functions can make the small indoor elevator more secure. So what are the safety features of a small indoor elevator? Next, the مصعد داخلي صغير manufacturer will introduce the necessary safety functions for the small indoor elevator. Let's follow this article to find out.

    1. Broken rope protection function. When the wire rope breaks, the elevator must automatically stop running immediately and lock the car at the same time.

    2. Overload protection. When the occupant exceeds the rated load, the running command is invalid and an alarm is given.

    3. Uplink limit protection function. When the elevator goes up to the highest floor level, it will continue to run, and there should be an emergency stop function when the maximum stroke design value is exceeded.

    4, power off self-rescue function. Everyone knows that in residential areas, the circuit trip or the power supply department repairs the nearby circuit faults and the power failure or power failure occurs. In this case, the elevator needs to have the automatic drop function without power supply. This function is called the power-saving self-rescue function.

    The small indoor elevator has the following characteristics: humanized design, decorated with noble living space. The era of science and technology, improve the quality of life. The small indoor elevator makes life more convenient and more emotional. Exceeding exceptional performance in a limited space. The machine room, with a minimum top floor height, can be matched to both new and old homes. With a standard rail mounting system, it is quicker and easier to install. In addition, his smooth start-up and leveling system makes the elevator run more stable and makes you ride more comfortable.

    Safe and energy-saving door machine system: The frequency conversion door machine uses high-efficiency frequency conversion controller and adopts the first-level transmission mode, thereby reducing the energy loss caused by the secondary transmission, which is more than 65% energy-saving than the ordinary frequency conversion door machine. The door machine can save more than 70%.

    The above is an introduction to the safety functions required for small indoor elevators. I hope to help you. When installing a small indoor elevator, it is still necessary to pay attention to these safety functions, and it is more secure to use. If you want to know more about the relevant information, please pay attention to our official website, or leave a message, we will bring you more detailed information.