Small Indoor Elevator Decoration Matters Needing Attention

  • First, the design method of مصعد داخلي صغير decoration

    Style: The style is determined by considering the hoistway environment and personal preferences, and secondly considering the cost and difficulty level. The closed hoistway is equipped with a closed car, and the sightseeing hoistway is equipped with a sightseeing car. It can be sightseeing on three sides or partial sightseeing. Due to the large number of elevator components, it is not easy to use fully transparent glass for family sightseeing ladders.

    Car shape: rectangular, round, combination type, it is now popular to use automatic folding doors with transparent materials.

    Well location and space: The hoistway location space determines the elevator and door opening dimensions. The middle of the stairs, the corners of the stairs, and the external plugs are all good. It is a good idea to combine the elevator in the middle of the stairs.

    The plane layout and shape of the car: in order to save the area, it needs a reasonable layout. The double-span open automatic door is adopted, and the scheme of the counterweight side is reasonable.

    Dimensions: The width of the hoistway is reversed by the width of the opening door, and the height of the car is reversed by the apex. The size of the small indoor elevator is recommended to be 3-4 people, 225-320KG, and the size of the car is 0.8-1.0 square meters. The area relative load can be larger than the passenger ladder to increase comfort.

    Second, small indoor elevator decoration considerations

    1, can not be overweight

    Due to the decoration of the elevator, the weight of the car changes, resulting in a balance factor that does not meet the requirements, resulting in different levels of accidents in the elevator. Elevator design has a certain amount of overweight reserved data, but exceeding the number will cause different degrees of metal fatigue on the main engine, gears, main shaft and various steel ropes and cable rafts. The consequences of this kind of test can not be used with any test tool. For example, if the cable squat is accelerated, it can only be judged by experience. The elevator itself is overweight, so that the elevator can be easily buffered without one second, which may cause various accidents in the elevator. It is more important for the high-speed ladder and the machine room, so the decoration design must control the certain decoration weight.

    2, should stay escape

    When the elevator is running and suddenly there is an accident, if it cannot return to the leveling, the car door cannot be opened, and the car is of course in the mezzanine. When the operator needs to use the car top life-saving window to rescue the trapped passengers when the rescuer is rescued, if the life-saving window is not placed in the decoration, the rescuer will be inconvenient and slow for a long time, so the life-saving window should be designed during the design process. Considering the beauty of the decoration at the same time, it cannot be beautiful and ignores the escape way. In addition, if the car uses too much wood, it may cause a fire. Once the power supply is in contact with the wood, it will cause the passenger to escape without a door.