Custom Small Indoor Elevator Should Pay Attention To What

  • Friends who are ready to install a مصعد داخلي صغير will face some problems, such as the size of the elevator reserved, the elevator shaft, the direction of the door opening, the height of the top floor, the decoration style, etc., so you often have to consider the following problems in the process of customizing a small indoor elevator?
    In the process of customizing a small indoor elevator, the following points must be considered:
    1. Bottom pit: Many brands of small indoor elevators need a large pit space, so for those who can't dig down the pit, they may only give up installation; but with the continuous development of technology, there are already Small indoor elevators without bottom pits, such small indoor elevators with bottomless pits can be placed directly on the ground, or only a small pit, which is often only a few tens of centimeters.
    2, hoistway: the general hoistway takes up a relatively large space, but currently there is a small indoor elevator with its own integrated boring machine in the market, which avoids the shortage of reserved space in the home but also the space occupied by the hoistway.
    3, decoration style: How to make the decoration style of the elevator and the existing environment are also the focus of many friends. At present, the small indoor elevator market will prepare various colors for the small indoor elevator to adapt to the existing decoration style. Customize the color according to your needs.
    4. Different opening directions: Many friends have different floors to different door opening directions. This is not difficult for small indoor elevator manufacturers. You can customize different opening directions according to your own needs.
    5, the top level is not enough: I want to extend the elevator to the attic, but the height of the attic in the elevator installation position is only 1.5 meters, how is this good? At present, the market share of screw-type small indoor elevators is getting higher and higher, at the same time Due to the advantages of the working principle of the screw-type small indoor elevator, there is no requirement for the height of the top layer. You can completely customize a small-sized indoor elevator with a top floor height of only 1 meter.
    6. Safety: No matter how customized, the safety of small indoor elevators is always the primary consideration. At present, there are mainly three kinds of small indoor elevators on the market. Due to its unique working principle, screw elevators are safer than hydraulic ones. Drives and traction-driven elevators are high.