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How to Upgrade Your Brand with Custom Food Boxes


    The best way to upgrade your food brand is with Custom Food Boxes. Many different factors affect whether or not a customer will choose one product over another. It includes:

    • Ingredients
    • Price
    • Taste
    • Brand

    While these other elements are important, food packaging has the biggest visual impact on consumers. Custom printed food boxes can enhance any marketing campaign by providing an immediate quality statement. They also allow marketers to differentiate their products from others in the marketplace. Here's how:


    Offer Different Packaging for Different Products

    Brands often offer several similar products to appeal to different consumer preferences. This approach is great! It lets each target market segment pick its favorite flavors based on personal preference. However, if all of these items come in the same package, the company's branding message loses impact.

    For example, if your brand is known for producing "all-natural" products, you want to highlight that aspect of each product. You can offer each item a customized food box with a printed label. It emphasizes this differentiating factor. 

    At the same time, all of them might have similarities - natural ingredients, gluten free or organic. 

    There are bound to be subtle variations that will appeal to particular groups within your target audience. On the other hand, if all of these items come in the same generic food box, they will merely look like variations on the same theme instead of distinctive products with unique selling points.


    Enhance Your Corporate Branding Message  

    In addition to emphasizing product differences, custom food packaging can help your brand's overall image. Branded food boxes provide a perfect opportunity to reinforce your company's branding message with visual cues. Customers associate boxed foods with upscale products and quality ingredients. 

    They will take you more seriously as a purveyor of fine ingredients and prepared foods.

    On the other hand, generic or un innovative box designs can make your business look cheap. It is about the last thing you want customers thinking about when buying your product! It may seem trivial to spend time on packaging at first glance. 

    You should consider it an investment in future sales. If customers form a negative impression from your package design, they will probably share their opinion with their friends and family. This could lead to lost sales over time. Hence, a couple of flawed seconds of judgment during the first impression.


    Use Custom Food Boxes Wholesale with Your Marketing Material

    Since your Food Boxes Wholesale will get exposure, they mustn't clash with your other marketing materials. A printing company can help you create box designs coordinated with everything else in your branding message. 

    For example, if you're advertising an upcoming sale, ask them to include this info on your food boxes in big, bold letters. That way, customers will remember the date even when they aren't looking at the box itself!


    Gain Attention with Original Designs

    Another benefit is that customized packaging allows marketers to create designs that draw attention on crowded store shelves. Whether you're selling snacks, canned goods, or boxed meals, this is an incredibly valuable skill to have.


    Part of it comes down to adding creative elements like bright colors and unique graphics. It helps the product stand out from the competition. The other part uses fonts and designs that are distinctive enough to be lovely without distracting or annoying. 


    It's a fine line to walk between making your box memorable. It also ensures that potential customers can still see the actual food inside! A good printing company knows how to strike this delicate balance with ease.


    Food Packaging Today vs. Food Packaging Tomorrow

    • What kind of food boxes do you expect to see in stores five years from now? 
    • Will companies continue to use customary cardboard and plastic for their products? 
    • Will we see a shift towards more sustainable, perhaps even edible packaging materials?

    It may not entirely replace the current trend of plastic wrapped snacks. Many companies are already experimenting with edible food wrapping. These wrappers could be made from grains or fruit peelings that would biodegrade naturally within a year. They would probably cost more upfront. 


    However, this method would save money in the long run. Those companies wouldn't have to pay for additional storage space or recycling staff.

    Some brands are already taking waste management into their own hands. For example, some have offered free shipping boxes for consumers to fill with their used snack wrappers and coffee cups. These will be shipped off to the company's recycling centers, sorted, and processed into materials. 

    Afterward, they can reuse them in manufacturing or compost as fertilizers.

    These concepts may sound like science fiction today. Look at how far people have come in a decade since reusable shopping bags first hit the scene. You might start believing it will happen. Who knows – perhaps we'll even see 100% biodegradable packaging materials on store shelves within our lifetimes!

    Whatever form of food packaging takes five years from now:

    • Custom boxes
    • Edible labels
    • Sustainable material
    • Something entirely new 

    One thing is clear. It's going to make a huge difference in how people think about your brand.

    Looking for Custom Printed Food Boxes?

    Custom Printed Food Boxes were an expensive luxury that only major brands could afford in the past. But thanks to the packaging companies! It's now easier than ever for smaller companies and entrepreneurs to get into the game! As long as you have a little capital to spend on printing equipment or a quick turnaround time, this option is open to virtually anybody. The more creative and unique you can be with your food box design, the better your business will do over time!


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