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Top Benefits of using Cloud Based Learning Management System

  • The Learning management system (LMS) market is growing fast. Forbes points out that between 2014 and 2018, the LMS market has grown to a solid $8billion from a modest $2.5 billion. Newer organizations are installing cloud-based LMS while the older ones are migrating and adopting it. As a professional representing the education industry, you might be using an LMS already or you are looking to acquire a new one. It is important that you keep your options open and understand why a cloud-based LMS is a better option before you decide to waste your funds in a ready-to-use software. 

    What is a Cloud-Based LMS?

    Cloud-based learning management systems are web-hosted platforms that are used by clearing organizations to deliver, track, and report on the courses or training programs conducted online. With the help of a cloud-based solution, learning professionals can automate the training program that includes course delivery, registration, assignments, and much more. They are hosted on the vendor’s servers and are accessible from anywhere and on any device with a robust internet connection. These cloud-based LMS solutions differ from the proprietary LMS system which needs a well-charted out in-house installation, hosting, and maintenance costs.

    Benefits of choosing a cloud-based LMS

    The main intention of the blog is to give you strong reasons to consider a cloud-based LMS infrastructure. In this section, we bring in the benefits of cloud-based LMS forcing you to reconsider the decision to go for proprietary or a software development agency.

    Low Startup costs

    Since there is no software to be purchased, the initial cost of establishing cloud-based LMS is low. Also, there is no need for any technical skill to install programs across the learning organization. You merely have to sign-up with the LMS solutions provider to begin creating the course content. The users do not have to buy any software nor undertake any heavy upgradation process. This not just saves resources but even a significant amount of time to undergo the entire process of installation and debugging.

    Easy set-up

    This is an important benefit because both set-up and maintenance are swift. As we have seen, there is no need to install any software and the LMS provider will automatically update the system to integrate new features to make it easy to use on many browsers.

    Enhanced accessibility options

    Cloud-based LMS runs with the benefit of augmented accessibility. Users can log in from anywhere they want from whichever device they want to access it from. They can begin from the point they stopped giving them the flexibility to access the content.

    It is cost-efficient

    Being cost-efficient seals the deal for the upper management. Investment in a robust cloud-based LMS platform is pretty cost-efficient compared to software. Organizations need to pay as per their use instead of wasting their resources on those features that are not even needed. There is just no requirement to pay up any set-up fees and one can get regular upgrades also without the need to pay anything extra. The costing also is dependent on several metrics that include the number of users, portals, hence whatever you pay will be on the basis of usage. Even in the long-term, organizations do not have to pay anything additional in terms for support and maintenance.

    Faster implementation

    They do not have a complex set-up rendering easy implementation procedures. There is no need to spend time meeting project managers to discuss the installation and implementation.


    We have been using web applications always because it is necessary for business to own one including LMS. Cloud-based LMS meets the common choice of users making the adoption easier. 

    Quicker configuration

    For a highly customized LMS solution higher level of configuration is required. Cloud-based learning management systems allow users to change colors, templates, features, and schemes. When you invest in a ready-made software, you cannot customize and end up paying for those things that you do not require. A Cloud-based LMS is as configurable as you want it to be. It is also scalable which means that the addition and deletion of features as per the market demands are possible. 


    This application is mobile-friendly, allowing the user to use the software from anywhere on any device. The device with which you use your portal can also be used to access the LMS. We build cloud-based LMS with a responsive design that ensures the user interface responds according to the screen size.


    These solutions have a greater sense of security because LMS solution providers ensure secure code and process so that it adheres to all safety and industry standards. Our cloud-based LMS solutions also ensure independent testing and end-to-end encryption. The infrastructure of such an LMS is highly scalable allowing it to expand when there is a growth in the user base.

    Streamlined training process

    The cloud-based LMS should be easy to use and should be a part of process building right from the beginning till the core design is built. Hence design decisions should be made with utmost care. The process of developing and delivering content through a cloud-based LMS especially on the first day should be:

    • Define learning objectives
    • Content creation and course upload
    • Learner enrollment and completing the course
    • Effective reporting on performance and completion
    • Feeding of information back into the course creation process


    As you can see, there are several benefits to choosing a cloud-based LMS for your organization. Each and every benefit that we discussed will be beneficial in both small and big ways. Choosing the right LMS solution provider is not easy. It is something that needs time and careful consideration. It is important to compare different cloud-based LMS and choose one that meets your requirements.