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How to Fix 50.4 Error in Hp Printer

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    HP Printers are known for providing superior quality print and exceptional image output. HP Printers have garnered worldwide attention with its features. Whenever you purchase a printer, you are always provided with a user manual which gives you an understanding of the parts, setup, and other necessary information. If you do not take proper care of your products from time to time, the probability of you coming across snags and glitches are very high. These snags and issues can be related to the hardware as well as the software. One of the errors that HP printers face is the error code 50.4. This error is related to the Fuser Roller, which is a part of the printer. The Fuser Roller plays an important role in printing images. If this part gives out an error, it would be difficult to get the print jobs done. It is still not something to be worried about, as HP Printers provides its customer with a counteraction for errors. Users can promptly connect with the HP Printer Tech Support Number, where they can avail professional assistance to get over any issue.

    Reasons which causes this error:

    As this error is associated with the Fuser Roller, the specific reasons that can lead to this error have been stated below.

    • Error due to overheating of Fuser Roller
    • Excessive use of with printer without any breaks which caused heating of the device


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    The process to amend this issue:

    • It would be ideal if you close all the print jobs that are in the queue if this error is being displayed on your screen.
    • Let the device cool down, detach the USB cable and the power cord and let the device stay idle for some time.
    • Open the rear access and locate the Fuser Roller. This process can be understood by look it up in the catalog or by visiting the official HP website.
    • After you have successfully located the Fuser Roller, ensure that the fuser roller is not damaged in any way possible.
    • If it is found to be damaged, replace it with a new one and install it in the printer by following the accurate methods.
    • Once this is done, connect the USB cable and the power cord back again and try printing a test page.

    If you are successful in printing then it is well and good, but if it is otherwise and you feel something has not been completely resolved. It would be best if you instantly get connected with the HP Printer Technical Support Number. The professionals there would take complete care of your concern and work towards providing an instantaneous solution to you so that you can get back to your printing work as soon as possible.

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