Path of exile crafting Recipe Locations

  • Poe vendor recipe system makes it possible for the player to sell items to any town vendor in exchange to get a multitude of Poe currency items and equipment. Every single recipe demands semi-specific Items or combinations of items be placed into the sell window simultaneously, and the outcome will modify primarily based on any recipes which have been matched. Unless noted otherwise, every Item might only be involved inside a single recipe at a time.

    Act 10:
    Desecrated chambers (lower path at 1st "corner")
    Ossuary (quest objective room) - Chaos Dmg 2
    The Feeding Trough (across the river from Kitava)

    Act 9:
    Boiling Lake Boss - Spell dmg 3
    The Quarry WP - Phys dmg 3
    The Tunnel (trial) - All attributes 2
    Vastiri Desert (at WP) - attack/cast speed 2

    Act 8:
    Toxic Conduits WP (Doedre's Cesspool)
    Solaris Temple lvl 2 (at the boss)
    Lunaris Temple 2 Arena - Minions 1
    Bathhouse Trial - Flask Duration 1

    Act 7:
    The Crypt Trial Plaque Room - DoT 1
    Chamber of Sins WP Room - Lightning 2
    Chamber of Sins 2 Trial - Mana Regen 1
    Dread Thicket by Dreadstone spawn - Fire 2
    Causeway near WP - Cold Dmg 2
    Temple of Decay (Lg 4-way room before exit) level 2 - Accuracy 2

    Lower Prison Trial - Double Res 1
    Shav's Tower Warden's Chamber - Spell dmg 2
    West Forest Act 6 Alira's Camp - Attr. 3
    Tukohama Arena - Defences I
    The Beacon Stairs to Fort - Life+mana 2

    Act 5:
    Ossuary outside objective room - Phys dmg 2
    Chamber of Innocence(zone not arena) - Inside path just before room adjacent to the arena - Move speed 2
    Reliquary NE corner near Kitava's Hunger I - Accuracy 1

    Act 4:
    Dried Lake by Voll - Attk/Cast Speed 1
    Crystal Veins WP- Ele res 2
    Belly of the Beast 2 by Entry to Harvest - Chaos dmg 1
    The Ascent base of the road to the portal - Attr 2

    Crematorium by Tolman - Fire dmg 1
    Catacombs Trial - WED 1
    Solaris Temple Eternal Lab (by Dialla) - Cold Dmg 1
    Sewer exit to Ebon Barracks - Phys 1
    Imp. Garden Trial - All Attr. 1
    Lunaris Temple by Piety - Lightning 1

    Act 2:
    Cavern WP - Move speed 1
    Ancient Pyramid by Vaal Oversoul - Spell dmg 1