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Designer Vagina - Radiofrequency Technique As Refinement in Vag

  • The new technique offers patients enormous advantages: no pain, no painkillers, only slight discomfort for 1-2 days, short recovery time of only 4-5 days. Now patients are back to work in 5 days after cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

    The main point about using radio frequency surgery in cosmetic Vaginal rejuvenation in dubai procedures is that women are unaware of it and few surgeons are trained in its use.

    The latest new techniques: Radiofrequency surgery (without a scalpel) is safer, more precise and the recovery time is much shorter. For the experienced surgeon, their advantage over all alternative methods such as scalpel, laser or electrosurgery is undeniable, in precise tissue dissection with minimization of bleeding without significant trauma to the wound edges. Reduced heat production allows for faster healing and reduces postoperative discomfort. The cosmetic surgeon can make a precise incision without applying pressure or pulling on the tissue; much like an artist wields an ink pen while drawing. The radio wave cut improves homeostasis at the same time and also has an antibacterial effect. Histological tissue samples are not distorted by artefacts, as is the case with electrosurgery and laser surgery. The healing is optimal and superior to all other procedures (scalpel, laser, etc.). During an incision, the electrode simply touches the skin, it is 100% accurate and there is no tissue deformation. The instrument's handpiece resembles a pencil holder.

    Laser surgical interventions, on the other hand, are complicated, imprecise and associated with prolonged healing due to denaturation of the wound edges from exposure to extreme heat, which represents an unsatisfactory compromise in favor of minimizing damage. Unlike radio waves, the scalpel cuts using pressure and traction, which is an inaccurate cutting technique for soft tissues such as the vaginal skin, and also does not stop bleeding at the same time.

    The fact is that laser surgery has received the most attention and has been heavily marketed, but it has the major disadvantage of generating a lot of heat. This leads to postoperative swelling, discomfort and thermal damage, particularly to the delicate tissues of the lips. High frequency radiosurgery uses a cold tip that generates negligible heat and provides an excellent aesthetic result.

    Designer vagina: Labia reshaping and vaginoplasty are very popular procedures among women in their 40s and 50s who have had children, but also among young girls who have genetically found labia: too bulky or too sagging with excessive fatty deposits, and who have never been satisfied with the size of your lips. Lips Many of the women we see have had multiple children and the vagina has expanded, making intercourse difficult for them. It is not uncommon for women to suffer from a slackening of the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles after childbirth. Some may even develop stress urinary incontinence, which can be annoying and seriously damage their confidence. The surgical route not only increased sexual pleasure but also avoided further genital discomfort.

    In the past, labiaplasty surgery in dubai and vaginoplasty were only performed on women who had any defect that could be demonstrated as a valid medical reason for such a procedure. Vaginal rejuvenation surgeries as cosmetic surgeries are still a taboo subject that is hotly debated in professional circles and the general public.

    A healthy sex life is still not recognized as a sufficient reason for vaginal surgery and insurance coverage. We believe that every woman, regardless of age, deserves a great sex life.

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