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Why Opt For Vaginal Rejuvenation

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    In recent years, surgical interventions in the female genital area have become increasingly common and popular. With acceptance of women's expectations of their own sexual happiness and satisfaction, interest in such medical interventions immediately increased.

    Vaginal rejuvenation is one of the most common procedures of this type, offering patients greater comfort and pleasing appearance of their genital area. Other similar procedures are vaginoplasty, labiaplasty surgery in dubai and hymen restoration, which are also among the main procedures performed in specialized centers.

    Most women feel embarrassed when it comes to talking about their genitals and refuse to give the surgeon or gynecologist the necessary information. However, it is the most suitable solution that can be used to correct enlarged or asymmetrical labia, as well as unwanted vagina shapes or loss of sexual satisfaction. Therefore, if you feel that something is wrong, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible and openly address problems. After that, the surgeon or gynecologist can help you find the most appropriate answers to each question and possibly solve your problems.

    Vaginal rejuvenation in dubai is considered to be the most suitable solution for women who wish to achieve a younger appearance of their genitals. It is actually a combination of medical treatments and cosmetic surgery aimed at changing the shape and size of the vagina, making it look younger and improving sexual functionality by restoring size and muscle tone. However, this operation carries a serious risk of failure in patients with very poor ovarian function.

    The rejuvenation procedure usually begins with local estrogen therapy, which lasts about 2 to 3 weeks depending on the age and condition of the ovaries (hormonal status). Along with this local treatment, specific exercises are recommended to improve and strengthen the pelvic muscles, leading to better results.

    Finally, every patient should also know that this operation is usually associated with vaginoplasty and is sometimes followed by surgical correction of the labia majora and minora. Depending on the number of techniques used, this procedure can take anywhere from one to three hours under general anesthesia.

    In the postoperative period, a general malaise may appear, but this will disappear after a few days. In addition, any scars or 8wounds will be fully healed 6 weeks after the surgery.