Some knowledge about adjustable rubber hose


    Today we are going to talk about some related knowledge of Adjustable rubber hose.

    Product characteristics: this product is a series of rubber hoses, which have the characteristics of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and other characteristics of conveying and attracting rubber hoses.

    Application: Mainly used for industrial, mining and civil transportation and attracting liquid and gas etc.

    Detection method:

    1. Rubber tube size measurement: inner diameter, outer diameter, outer diameter of reinforcement layer, wall thickness, concentricity, inner and outer rubber thickness, inner diameter of assembly. The new national standard and ISO have added length and measurement point marks, specifying the measurement method of rubber tube length without hose joint and with various hose joints.

    2. Bending test: after bending the rubber tube to a certain extent, measure the ratio of the minimum outer diameter of the bent part to the outer diameter before bending, the steel ball passing capacity and the bending force when pressurizing in the tube.

    3. Suction flat test: vacuumize within 1min, maintain for 10min, roll over with steel ball with diameter 0.9 times the inner diameter of the rubber tube, and check the collapse degree of the rubber tube. Some standards use measuring the change rate of hose outer diameter to express the degree of hose deformation.

    4. Interlayer bond strength test: Most of the automobile hoses are braided hoses with diameters less than 50 mm. In the test, long test pieces with a width of 10mm or 25mm are commonly used, and circular rings with a width of 25mm are also used, which are stripped at 90 degrees and the tensile speed is 25mm/min.

    5. Liquid wall penetration test: under normal pressure, connect the rubber tube with the container filled with a certain amount of liquid and seal the nozzle of the container, horizontally place the test device, and then periodically weigh the mass change of the whole test device caused by the liquid permeating outward through the rubber tube, so as to obtain the seepage velocity of the liquid.

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