Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Mumbai

  • Mumbai is considered as the best tourist place. The beauty and attractive look shines bright in the eyes of the visitors. However, with the impressive beauty and the place nothing is impossible in the city of dreams. This is the city where you can experience the luminous fanfare of Bollywood. Along with Bollywood, Mumbai is famous for its diverse food culture. There floating hotel Mumbai various points through which visitors can get all the easy taste of foods as per their expectations.

    Are you one of the visitors who are visiting the place for the first time? Yes, then you don’t have to stop your researching work. We have explored various restaurants in Mumbai which you must try when you visit the place. What are they? Here are the top 5 restaurants in Mumbai that you must try. It will be the best floatel Mumbai.

    Know about top restaurants in Mumbai

    There are various floating hotel Mumbai through which you can explore in the city. If you are not aware then this is the best post which will help you to get access to all the information about hotels and restaurants. Here are some of the restaurants that are available which you must try.


    Ziya is having a mixture of all the national and international ingredients in their cuisines. Thus, this is the best floatel Mumbai through which as a visitor you can enjoy all the cuisines and various other items. The name itself suggests that it is having various glowing and splendor items through which people can easily enjoy their time.

    The table

    This is the restaurant that is listed among the best 500 restaurants in Asia. The table is having black and white floors through which it gives an attractive look to the restaurant. This is also one of the floating restaurants that are available in Mumbai. The table is having various distinctive cooking styles that make it different from the other ones that are available.


    Indigo is considered one of the best magical destinations in Mumbai.  It is offering flickering candles, fairy lights, and delicious cuisines. Even the restaurants have been multi-awarded. Through this, the visitors will get the premier experience of the things that are available in Mumbai.

    Leopold café

    This is Mumbai’s oldest restaurants that are available with various features and mystique designs. Here the people usually visit to share their spare time. This is the best canteen that is headed in the neutral ground for the rival members. Special vegetarian pasta, red pepper chicken, soya wine chicken are some of the cuisines that are available in the café.


    Having energies is the meaning of San-Qi. This is the contemporary pan Asian restaurant that will catch all your interest in it. They serve various tastes, with many features along with the kitchens. This is the best work stations and sushi bars.

    Thus, these are some of the restaurants which you can explore in the city. However, this is the way through which you can enjoy the visit to the place. On the other hand, there are various Mumbai floating restaurants which visitors can visit.