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    Ways to troubleshoot common Lenovo laptop screen issues

    After continuous and prolonged use, laptops tend to show some defects. They either malfunction or become severely defective. Typical laptop screen issues can be fixed at home, but severe damages like cracks on the screen will need a Lenovo laptop screen replacement. 

    Below are some typical issues you may encounter with your Lenovo laptop screen. 

    If your laptop screen shows a blank display.

    If your Lenovo laptop screen shows no activity but a blank display, it is likely that the motherboard is now faulty. After turning on the laptop, if you notice lights blinking and the fan running but a blank laptop screen, you should replace the motherboard or hard reset the laptop. Before you fix the blank display, transfer the critical data on the laptop to another drive. While repairing or replacing the motherboard might cost a lot, you can try troubleshooting the blank display issue by factory reset. 

    If your laptop screen does not turn on. 

    If your Lenovo laptop is not turning on, the motherboard is not always at fault. The AC adapter could be malfunctioning if the laptop is turning off repeatedly but does not turn on. If so, you might have to replace the AC adapter with a professional Lenovo technician. 

    Another cause of your laptop not turning on could be a broken DC power jack. If the DC power connector is broken, then the device won’t get consistent power to stay on. So, you might have to get a new DC plug. If it is not broken, adjusting the DC connector’s angle might work. 

    If neither of these two is the cause for the laptop not turning on, then the motherboard is clearly at fault. You can confirm the grounds with a professional and get it repaired or replaced as needed. Motherboard repairing would cost less than replacing it. 

    If your laptop screen is cracked or broken. 

    Seeing a crack on your laptop screen is very heartening. Getting a Lenovo laptop screen replacement in Dubai may be costly, but getting a new laptop will cost more. So, before deciding on what to do, it is essential to find the root cause of the crack on the laptop screen. 

    Laptops are usually very fragile and are prone to hard impacts. The laptop screen is more vulnerable to cracks, bending, and scratches. Common causes that could have gotten your Lenovo laptop screen cracked are:

    • Accidental fall
    • Laptop held at an awkward angle
    • The laptop lid lifted from the sides more often
    • Placing heavy items over the laptop, etc.

    If you notice a crack on your laptop screen, the possibility of your whole laptop malfunctioning is high. If the screen is broken, you cannot do much on that laptop anyway. 

    If your laptop is now and the warranty period is not yet over, you can claim a free Lenovo laptop screen replacement at the brand service center. Well, Lenovo laptop screen replacements are expensive, though. But if the laptop warranty period is over, you should find a reliable and professional Lenovo laptop screen replacement in Dubai.

    For all the problem and information about repairing replacement of laptop and computer, you call | 045864033

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