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LoL Aurelion Sol CGU Bug Found Before Release

  • League of Legends has been constantly updated to meet the needs of players. With the development of the game, more and more new players are pouring into League of Legends. League of Legends patches is usually released every two weeks. Because it can continuously optimize meta Stats and balances the game, players look forward to it every time.
    The new Aurelion Sol CGU had some very interesting bugs discovered by players before launch. The champion's new rework will be the first Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU) that Riot has done to the champion, meaning they'll be changing his gear and improving it without touching the skins and visuals, and without touching him s legend.
    Due to the recent cyber attack, players have had some concerns about whether CGU will release on time, and some interesting bugs have surfaced before he was released to live servers. But with him landing on the PBE of patch 13.3, that worry is gone.
    What vulnerabilities did Vandiril find in ASol's CGU?
    One of them involves all his abilities. If you get close to a wall and channel your Q while flying with W, then use your E at the chosen location, Aurelion Sol will somehow drop down the map and engage the terrain.
    Honestly, this looks weird and kind of funny. In this state, you will randomly teleport short distances. How can you fix this error? Hit the blast cone, but good luck.
    Vandiril didn't stop there and even found other bugs. One of these only happens when there are two Aurelion Sols in the game. So this probably won't happen in your ranked games, but if you've ever played "All For One" with ASol, it might.
    Aurelion Sol's new Q causes heroes to take more damage after channeling for 1 second. Now, if you have a second Aurelion Sol on your side, the damage is insane. Oh, and the end of 1 second seems to decrease to 0.
    These errors provide some new materials for the community. Bugs are inevitable. If it becomes popular once it goes online, everyone hopes to get it resolved as soon as possible before the release or at least after the release to reduce the maximum impact.
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