A Hair Transplant Surgeon That You Ought to Know!

  • Fun fact: Chennai is the medical capital of India. Similarly, although unofficially, Delhi is the hair transplantation capital of India. Hundreds of hair transplantation centers, hundreds of seasoned professionals and surgeons and the most advanced hair transplantation facilities has given Delhi this much deserved title.

    Hair transplantation in India, is a medical discipline that relatively lacks seasoned and experienced professionals. Hence, the presence of doctors such as Dr. Kavish Chouhan is a much welcomed boon. Dr. Kavish Chouhan, the Director and Co-founder of DermaClinix is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi. In fact, forget Delhi, he is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in India.

    Reaching the top is not easy, staying on the top is even harder. Dr. Kavish is an embodiment of the above anecdote. An alma mater of the prestigious institute AIIMS, Delhi, he has worked closely with some of the best hair transplantation doctors in the world. With more than 1000's hair transplantation procedures under his belt already, experience is one thing that he has. Within the Indian medical circuit, he is one of the best known surgeons who can successfully perform both: the megasession and gigasession FUE hair transplantation.

    Being the best in a field is not easy. Not everyone is called the best. He is called the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi for a reason. His talent has been recognised across not just the city or country but even on a worldwide level. In 2011, he was the recipient of a prestigious scholarship awarded by the World Congress of Dermatology. In the preceding year, he was awarded the ‘Young Dermatologist Award’, in a medical conference that was held in Delhi. Such accreditations aren’t easy to obtain. In addition to the tangible awards, he was one of the first doctors if not the first doctor to submit a paper on ‘body hair transplantation’. In fact, his presentation on this subject is considered to be the first publication on this topic.

    Noting down all of his accomplishments will require a little bit more space. But is more to be said, even?