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Do You Need Sunscreen in Winter, Or The Morning and After 4 pm?

  • During the summer, it makes perfect sense to put on sunscreen. You don't want to conclude your day of fun on the lake with a week of suffering from a sunburn, but when it comes to spending time outside in the winter, individuals are less likely to remember to apply preventive sunscreen before they go out. When people suffer from immense skin burn, they realize visiting dermatologist Richmond VA, which can provide the best skin treatment. There are a lot of questions about sunscreen applications, well this blog can solve all your doubts. 


    Do you know if you need to use sunscreen in the winter and after 4 p.m.? What about in the morning, when the sun is gentle and pleasant - do you need to protect your skin from the sun? Yes, you know that the intense midday summer sun damages your skin, but what about when the sun is weaker, gentler, and doesn't feel like it's burning your skin? Is it still harmful to you? 

    You've observed that the sun is weaker in the non-summer months, as well as in the mornings and afternoons. Can the sun harm your skin if it doesn't feel strong?

    Many patients with pigmented and wrinkled skin feel they don't need sunscreen or sun protection clothing because they stroll or swim in the morning or during the non-summer months.

    According to the EPA(Environment Protection Agency), the average UV index in the United States during the winter months ranges from 0 to 4 or 5 depending on the state. Even if you live in the northern, colder regions, long-term exposure to those temperatures can cause long-term harm to your skin. So it is important to protect your skin from UV rays in cooler temperatures as it is on the seaside.


    Yes, the sun is different in the fall, winter, and spring compared to the summer. The sunburn ray, known as UVB, is weaker. However, the sun still damages your skin in the fall and winter, causing wrinkles, skin thinning, sun spots, pigment disorders such as melasma, and skin cancer. Your tan, darker age marks, and wrinkles are proof.

    Because the strength of UVA radiation does not alter considerably during the day and year, and rays are present anywhere there is sunshine. Yes, UVA is just as strong in the summer as it is the rest of the year. It's also just as bad at midday as it is in the morning and late afternoon. 

    Furthermore, UVA enters your skin deeper than UVB. and causes irreparable damage deep into your skin. It is the most common cause of wrinkles.  Even yet, many sunscreen creams fail to filter UVA radiation, which is one of the most common and accurate objections leveled against sunscreens. So it's better to visit dominion dermatology Richmond VA if you are suffering from major skin burns.

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