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Top 10 Inspiring Women Who Formed The Essence Of Women-Empowerm

  • Women-Empowerment in India – A Brief Outlook

    “To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.” –

    Hillary Clinton

    The term Women-Empowerment is all about authority. It is a power that embellishes women to take the lead and have the right to fulfill their wishes. It is a term that refers to the liberation of women from social-economic restraints.

    Women in India comprise 50% of the population. The bulk of them stays economically dependent on each other without employment. Women in India are the essence of grit, determination, and effort.

    For years, women have suffered the injustice and prejudice of society. But today, with the changing times, they have made a name for themselves. They have broken the shackles of gender stereotypes and stood to achieve their dreams and goals.

    Women across the globe have astounded responsibilities on them, and they deliver it without any faults. Women in India deliver multiple roles effortlessly every day. Women are considered the backbone of society. Living in male-dominated societies, Indian women play the role of a caring mother, a loving daughter, an entrepreneur, and a role model for all as she starts something different.

    There is no doubt that in a society like India, women have been avoided with the pleasure to do something for themselves and prove their worth by contributing to different sections of the community.

    For years, they have struggled, fought, and emerged as successful role models. Women-Empowerment in India is the most effective tool for development these days.

    Women-Empowerment in India is heavily dependent on several tools and numerous variables ranging from the geographical setting (urban/rural), social status (caste/class), educational status, and age factor.

    Women have to fight and pave their path to set us an example, empowering us all. Over the years, not majorly but, significantly there has been a rise in women entrepreneurs, success stories of women have churned up the corner making young girls dream. We have seen the rise of women athletes bringing medals and appreciation making, the country proud paving the way for Women-Empowerment in India.

    Change seems formidable and inevitable, but when it knocks on your door, it breaks the path of stereotypes and surpasses the prejudice and taunts of society. In the current frame of existence, Indian women are right in the middle, caught between two storms of patriarchal conservatism and the other self-acceptance and freedom.

    There are two opposing schools of thought going on in the minds of a woman. Luckily, women across India are standing up for themselves. They are embracing themselves. They are winning their dreams, bringing a change in society through their vision and actions. They are the true epitome of strong, graceful, and powerful women, empowering each woman at one time.

    The saying is that a woman cannot fathom what a man does. They cannot achieve the impossible. Gone are the days! Today, Indian women have embarked their names in every field, from business, sports, art and entertainment, science and technology, and whatnot!

    They have not achieved their dreams but have attributed their journey with millions of dreams of many aspiring women. They have confidently and empathically stood as an inspiration for many young minds who wish to do something in their life.

    After centuries of injustice, social prejudices, gender stereotypes, and tons of stigma, a woman can be her true self. If a woman wants to be independent, earn, no sense of abstraction can stop her from achieving this individuality.

    Well, it cannot be said all have achieved. There is still growth to be made, a lot to acquire and prove. Women in India are pioneer minds building a bridge to gap the stereotypes and be whatever they want.

    When we listen to the term Women-empowerment in India, the first thing that comes to mind is the overhyped virtual campaign that claims to work for women-empowerment at all levels.

    Well, these campaigns don’t just brush off. These are the notions that educate about women-empowerment to stand up for themselves.

    It should be understood that a single mother raising her child is a women-empowerment.

    A woman supporting her family is an women-empowerment.

    A daily wage woman earning for the livelihood of her family is an women-empowerment.

    A woman leading a business in a top industry is an women-empowerment.

    Over the years, beginning from the struggle for freedom, Indian women have played an influential role. Till today, many women are a symbol of courage and heroism. They have engraved the paths of many Indian women to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

    There is a great need for women-empowerment in India at micro and mini levels to make India a country where women can stand head to head with men.

    There is a lot to achieve, but the thought of knowing that it is still possible to fight women’s empowerment in India has made a powerful impact on how women view themselves.

    India is a powerful country. It is a land of diversified creativity. It is a land that has benefitted the world by giving them prestigious leaders and noteworthy personalities that made momentous contributions to the society

    Indian women have achieved in every field. They have immensely made the nation proud with their skills and knowledge. Whether it’s any field, Indian women have shined and continue to do form more women- empowerment in India stories.

    From starting a business to breaking the barrier of the old-school rules to preparing for an international gold medal and making the country proud to leading a top-notch industry, Indian women have done it. Indian women have laid quite an example for women-empowerment in every field very effectively.

    It is truly said, what doesn’t kill you makes you strong! With the indoctrination of what they have women empowerment seen and felt by birth, they molded into their passion and achieved the unthinkable.

    Women-empowerment in India is essential for the ever-growing change in women. It is required to overcome situations and provide them with an independent role in Indian society.

    Women-empowerment and empowering women is a necessary right for women. They should have proportional rights to contribute to society, economics, education, and politics. Women-empowerment is freedom from shackles. Women-empowerment is she-power. Women-empowerment is giving her an opportunity to be what she wants to be.

    Women-empowerment in India has its share of highs and lows. It is a critical aspect of achieving gender equality.

    With their grit and determination, they have made a renowned name for http://www.thefreedictionary.com/women empowerment themselves and have acted as a symbol of women-empowerment. It has encouraged millions of young girls to work hard and achieve their dreams, despite what society says.

    We bring you 10 pioneering Indian women who became role models of women-empowerment. These women, throughout the years, followed their passion, worked for it, and won hearts and appreciation.

    1. Malika Handa

    malik handa

    Source – Twitter

    Malika Handa comes from the town of Jalandhar in Punjab. She is a speech and hearing impaired girl who’s a champion in the world of chess. She was not born deaf but lost her ability to speak and hear when she was one year old. She was introduced to the game of chess by her father when he bought her a chessboard home. She started playing chess at the age of 11 and quickly gained interest.

    Her mastery in chess also helped her to secure a seat in a mainstream college. Though she was a woman with exceptional talent, she did not receive adequate support and facilities from the government. She won the National Chess Championship for Deaf held in Mysuru.

    She bagged the silver medal in the World Deaf Blitz Chess Championship held in Manchester and also won a silver medal at the Asian Championship in Chess in the year 2017. She has been the National Champion 7 times. Being a deaf Indian professional chess player; she is the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in the International Deaf and Dumb Chess Championship.

    She is a true example of women-empowerment. She is India’s most prodigious chess champion. With her tally of many national and international medals, her success story makes everyone feel immensely proud and contributes to the Women-empowerment in India initiative.

    Malika Handa – Love for Chess and Struggles

    Soon after she had started playing chess, she developed a passion for it and outplayed her peers. She also developed an aptitude for it while playing with her father and cousin brother. The road to success was full of difficulties and hardships.

    Malika had won the gold medal in the national championship in Madhya Pradesh in 2013 and got the chance to go to Germany. But she couldn’t make it because the Sports Authority of India did not allow her because of some dispute with the international body. She underwent trials in Indore and won first place and got an entry into the international tournament.

    Malika Handa’s Success Story

    Malika has won several national and international medals. She also won the National Chess Championship for Deaf held in Mysuru. She bagged the silver medal in the World Deaf Blitz Chess Championship held in Manchester. Malika has also won a silver medal at the Asian Championship in Chess in the year 2017. She has been the National Champion 7 times. Her success story makes us feel immensely proud. Malika’s story teaches how true love for the sport and pure dedication can take us places. She has yet

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