What is the use and acceptance method of flat pack container ho


    Regarding the use and acceptance method of flat pack container house, many people have asked PTH housing manufacturers. Next, let us answer for everyone. Friends who don’t know, don’t you come here?

    Use of flat pack container house:

    1. Do not modify without authorization, let alone disassemble any bolt components.

    2. The steel structure should be painted and maintained in about 3 years to maintain the original color of the house, increase the service life of the surface, and prevent its rot and leakage.

    3. For the steel structural parts in the flat pack container house, attention should be paid to conductive equipment such as wires and cables not to be wound on the steel structural parts to prevent conductive injury.

    4. Due to the material of the packing box room, it is forbidden to use open flames in the room, and high-power electrical appliances are not allowed in the room. The power supply should be cut off when leaving to avoid fire.

    Acceptance method of flat pack container house:

    1. Before leaving the factory, carefully check whether the installation parts of the packing box are qualified.

    2. Check the fire performance. Whether the wires in the house are hidden in the fireproof pipe, check whether the inner and outer iron plates of the color steel sandwich panel are damaged, and the insulation layer is not exposed in the middle.

    3. Stairs and staircase guardrails should be smooth and free of burrs. The floor of the packing box should also be level and firm. When people walk up, they won't feel trembling. The connection part should be waterproof and sealed.

    4. After the wall panels, doors, windows and parts of the flat pack container house are assembled, there should be no visible light gaps. If there is light leakage, if there is a gap, there will be air leakage, indicating that the insulation performance of the house is not good, and the roof panel and supporting members must be connected firmly, otherwise, if there is severe weather such as strong wind, the roof is easily damaged.

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