What are the characteristics of air layer fabrics?

  • What is "air layer fabric"? In terms of fabrics, the air layer is more popular in recent years.

    Air layer fabric is a kind of textile auxiliary material. Pure cotton fabric is soaked in chemical solution. After soaking, the surface of the fabric is covered with countless extremely fine hairs. These fine hairs form a very thin air layer on the surface of the fabric. Different kinds of fabrics are also called air layers.

    These fine hairs can form a very thin layer of air on the surface of the fabric, and two different fabrics also have a kind of sewing. The gap between them is also called an air layer.

    1. The air layer fabric mainly plays a role in keeping warm. Through the structural design, three fabric structures of inner, middle and outer are adopted to form an air interlayer in the fabric to keep warm. The woven fabric can adopt a double-layer structure. A system of warp and weft can be added between the inner warp and weft of the watch to form a sandwich structure of inner, middle and outer layers. The middle layer is made of fluffy and elastic filling yarn to form a static air layer to achieve the effect of warmth. The most typical example is thermal underwear.

    2. The air layer fabric will not produce wrinkles. The air layer fabric that can absorb liquid has a three-layer structure with a large gap in the middle and a pure cotton fabric on the surface, so it has the effect of absorbing water and locking.

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