Why are new light steel villas called green buildings?


    In recent years, more and more people have recognized and understood light steel prefab villa, which also shakes the hearts of those who initially denied it, because with the rising prices and labor, light steel villas and traditional frame structures in the same field are simple The price comparison:

    As the price of labor rises, it is believed that both brick-concrete and light steel structures will be on an upward trend. Red bricks have always been a common building material in rural areas, but this material seriously pollutes the environment and has low seismic resistance. Production has been banned, costs are rising rapidly, and there is a certain chance that prices will overtake light steel.

    The traditional frame structure houses soared rapidly and doubled.

    The new type of light steel structure has a very high cost performance from the luxury goods.

    The characteristics of light steel villas are warm in winter and cool in summer, insect-proof, wind-proof and anti-earthquake, and it has a short construction period, which completely subverts the traditional mode of building houses. Western-style villas can be customized.

    PTH's newly upgraded light steel villa not only has the advantages of traditional light steel villas, but also solves the pain points of old light steel villas.

    1. The function of the cornice ventilation facility is upgraded, and the appearance is more beautiful.

    2. The new technology of floor vibration treatment makes living more comfortable.

    3. Diversified choices of exterior wall decoration, more novel appearance.

    4. Special treatment for indoor emulsion paint seams, making the environment more warm.

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