What are the advantages of modular houses?


    Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of modular houses?

    1. Advantages:

    The evaluation of the modular house is the same as the house built on site, and there is a permanent infrastructure under the house.

    General modular house manufacturers provide design services and can provide certain changes in a reasonable and flexible manner according to customer requirements.

    Home design style and size can be chosen, not static.

    The modular structure can be used for commercial applications, including office buildings.

    Modular houses are permanent structures, that is, "real estate".

    Modular houses can be built on crawl space and basement.

    Modular houses are also required to review green and environmentally friendly buildings and can be more energy-efficient.

    Modular houses are much faster than on-site construction, but the review of modular houses is more stringent.

    The mortgage for a modular house is the same as for a house built on site.

    The insurance premium for a modular house is the same as that for a house built on site.

    The taxes and fees for modular houses are the same as those for houses built on site.

    2. Disadvantages:

    A relatively spacious construction site is required, with conditions for large equipment to enter, because the installation of the house requires cranes, etc.

    Potential quality issues. Since most of the components of a modular house are quickly built offsite, sometimes a mistake may put the entire house in danger, and the homeowner may find it too late.

    Fast is not always the best. One of the main advantages claimed by modular manufacturers is faster construction, but a faster construction process can be disadvantageous. For example, it is difficult to make changes once manufacturing begins, and changes can disrupt the construction process and time. Moreover, most modular companies are reluctant or unable to modify the floor plan. So once a decision is made, it means that you cannot make changes flexibly.

    Transportation risk. The individual modules must be transported from the factory to the construction site. Modular components need to be handled carefully during transportation. However, stress cracks in thin plates are common.

    The transportation cost of the module may be higher than the transportation cost of the material from which the module is made. Depends on the relationship between your home and the project location.

    Resale issue. Many people think that modular houses are not as good as traditional houses. Moreover, you should never underestimate the power of public opinion. The negative image of modular houses may make resale one day more difficult.

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