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Juice Production Line Cleaning Fruit Wax Equipment

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    The topic of fruit waxing has attracted the attention of many consumers. The reporter interviewed fruit processing practitioners and experts and found that fruit waxing is not uncommon in the industry. In addition to making the fruit look more beautiful, the central role is to facilitate storage. And keep fresh.

    It is understood that in the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries and regions, waxed fruit has mature technology and laws and regulations. Since the late 1990s, China has introduced fruit waxes from the United States, Japan, and other countries, and has widely used citrus waxing technology.

    In the Juice Production Line of the larger citrus processing enterprises, there is a “fruit washing and waxing machine”. After the fruit screening is completed, it will be automatically cleaned, disinfected, waxed and dried. The waxing meets the national waxing consumption standard. The purpose is to facilitate the storage of citrus.

    China's Food Additives Sanitary Standards allow the surface of fresh fruits to be waxed, but must be added according to the production requirements using the prescribed additives. The additive is an edible wax, the ingredients of which are animal glue or vegetable gum, which are non-toxic.

    So, since national standards allow fresh fruit to be waxed, why do waxed fruits cause consumers to question? People who have been selling fruit for years have said that it is not uncommon to wax fruit now. The basic category of citrus and apple is waxed fruit, because the "sales stage" is better, and it is easier to preserve than ordinary fruits, so it is more affected. Commercial families and consumers are welcome.

    Edible wax is a natural wax extract of plants and animals. The fruit itself naturally forms this substance. Its safety is evaluated, so the use of edible wax in the fresh skin epidermis is theoretically safe. However, as a chemical product, it is not excluded that the edible wax is contaminated during the production process. At the same time, due to the low cost of industrial wax, in the act of adding pigment, it is not excluded that industrialists can use industrial wax instead of edible wax. Edible wax or industrial wax is insoluble in water and cannot be removed by washing alone. Therefore, consumers are advised to peel off the skin of waxy fruit before consumption.

    For fruit processing manufacturers, it is necessary to choose a machine for their company that effectively removes wax from the surface of the fruit. Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is your good choice. We have rich experience in this area. We also have high-efficiency Milk Powder Making Machine for everyone. Welcome everyone to contact us. 

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