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Milk Production Line Kills Pathogenic Bacteria

  • What is ultra high temperature processing?

    Ultra high temperature processing comes in many forms. Today, Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the direct heating method of steam immersion and compares it with the traditional HTST pasteurizer. The goal of any pasteurization process in Milk Production Line is to kill pathogens while maintaining the integrity of the product to meet the needs of consumers. While many of the ideas about milk processing are widespread, we will express our views to facilitate the aseptic filling of the UHT process.

    In the UHT steam soaking process, milk is produced by exposing the product to a high temperature (> 280 °F) in a mixture of steam and milk under pressure for about 2 seconds while maintaining the aseptic conditions in the processing system. This differs from the conventional HTST pasteurizer shown in the figure in keeping milk at 161 °F for 15 seconds.
    HTST: Microbial contamination and expiration date

    Traditional HTST pasteurizers kill most bacteria. However, post-production testing during the product's shelf life will show that microbial contamination will be severe, which may surprise you. This is usually due to the bacteria undergoing pasteurization and post-treatment contamination from environmental pathogens. Post-treatment contamination cannot be avoided unless special aseptic filling equipment is used. The government requires a maximum of 20,000 colony forming units per milliliter of milk. Microbial growth is almost always present in milk packaging produced by traditional pasteurizers. This is why traditional pasteurizers can only produce 14-21 days of milk under refrigeration. After this time, the microbial load becomes too high and the deterioration is accelerated, and you quickly deteriorate the yogurt.

    We choose Shanghai Jimei UHT Milk Machine to ensure the effective killing of bacteria in milk. At the same time, our equipment is also very advantageous in terms of price. Welcome everyone to choose our equipment.