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UHT Milk Machine Milk Shelf Life Is Longer

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    Some water-soluble vitamins, including B vitamins, are less thermally stable than other nutrients. However, the most important B vitamins in milk are riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin B12, both of which have good thermal stability. Riboflavin levels were not affected and vitamin B12 lost less than 10% after pasteurization.
    UHT Milk Machine
    UHT typically involves heating the milk to at least 135 degrees Celsius in a shorter period of time - typically about 4 seconds. It keeps the milk high quality for a longer period of time, extends shelf life, and can be stored in the cabinet until it is opened. Like pasteurization, most of the nutrients in milk are largely unaffected by ultra-high temperatures, which means that ultra-high temperature milk and fresh milk contain almost the same nutrients, except for some B vitamins that may be slightly lower. Among the major B vitamins in milk, the loss of vitamin B12 is greater (10-20%) than pasteurization, although this may be affected by milk storage time. Riboflavin levels are not affected by ultra high temperatures.
    Spray drying
    Spray drying is used to make milk powder, allowing milk to be stored and enjoyed longer than liquid milk. The milk is sprayed into a fine mist to evaporate the water, producing a soft, delicate white powder. Carefully ensure that this process is placed on the milk as gently as possible. This means that the spray-dried powder retains about 90% of the riboflavin and at least two-thirds of the vitamin B12 in fresh milk, and the other major nutrients are essentially unchanged.
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