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Concentrated Juice Production Line Operation

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    The operation of the concentrated Juice Production Line can be divided into five basic processes:
    1. Treatment water
    2. Receiving raw materials
    3. Centralized manufacturing
    4. Concentrate and additive filler
    5. Ship the finished product.
    Each of these processes has a safety hazard that must be evaluated and controlled. Water is a very important component in concentrates and it must be of excellent quality. Each concentrated plant treats the water until it reaches the desired quality and is free of microorganisms. Water treatment is monitored at all stages.
    When the factory receives the ingredients, the quality control department begins to inspect, sample and analyze the ingredients. Only materials that pass the test can be used in the concentrate manufacturing process. Some raw materials are packed in tank trucks and require special handling. Similarly, packaging materials are received, evaluated and analyzed in the same way as raw materials.
    During the manufacture of the concentrate, the treated water as well as the liquid and solid components are pumped into a stainless steel tank where they are mixed, homogenized and/or extracted according to the manufacturer's instructions. These tanks have a capacity of 50 gallons, 10,000 gallons or more. These cans are completely cleaned and disinfected when mixed.
    Once the concentrate is made, the filling phase begins. All products are piped to the filling room. The filling machine undergoes rigorous cleaning and disinfection before the filling process begins. Most fillers are dedicated to a specific container size. In order to avoid contamination during the filling process, the product is sometimes stored in pipes and tanks. Each container should be labeled with the product name and a hazardous label (if necessary). The filled container is moved to the packaging area by the conveyor belt. Containers are placed on pallets, packed in plastic or tied before storage. In addition to the concentrate, an additive for preparing a carbonated soft drink is packaged. Many of these additives are packaged in plastic bags and placed in boxes.
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