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Jimei Is A Professional Equipment For Juice Production Line

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    The vacuum concentration equipment in the concentrator is one of the main equipment in the production process of the Juice Processing Plant. It uses vacuum evaporation or mechanical separation to achieve material concentration. At present, in order to improve the quality of concentrated products, vacuum concentration is widely used. Generally, in the low pressure state of 18~8KPa, the material liquid is heated by the indirect heating method to boil and evaporate at a low temperature, so that the material temperature is low and the heating is used. The temperature difference between the steam and the boiling liquid material increases, and under the same heat transfer condition, the evaporation rate is higher than that under normal pressure evaporation, which can reduce the loss of nutrient of the liquid material, and see the use of low pressure steam as the evaporation heat source.

    In the same case of preheating steam pressure, when the vacuum is evaporated, the boiling point of the solution is low, and the heat transfer temperature difference is increased to reduce the heat transfer area of ​​the evaporator accordingly;

    It can evaporate solutions that are not resistant to high temperatures, and is especially suitable for evaporation of heat sensitive liquids in food production;

    Low pressure steam or waste steam can be used as a heating agent;

    Low operating temperature and low heat loss;

    It has a heat sterilization effect on the liquid, which is beneficial to food preservation.

    Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a variety of professional equipment for your Juice Production Line. Welcome to leave a message. 

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