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Ultrafiltration Of Juice Processing Plant

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    The ultrafiltration stage begins by pumping unclarified juice from the separation tank to the batch tank. The ultrafiltration system of the Juice Processing Plant is a fully automatic cross-flow filtration device.
    The separated unclarified juice reaches the dosing tank, and the high efficiency centrifugal pump pumps the juice at high speed through the membrane module. A thin top layer is formed on the surface of the membrane, and some of the liquid permeates through the membrane passage as a ready-made product into the permeate tank. Concentrate the retentate to obtain the maximum concentration. Then diafiltration can be performed to obtain an extract. After the ultrafiltration process, the juice is sent to the juice tank and then sent to the evaporation station for concentration.
    At the heart of the production line for concentrated fruit is a multi-stage evaporation station with a drip film for concentrated apple juice and soft fruit (colored).
    In the entire juice production process, the raw material reaches the evaporation station twice:
    For the first time, as an unclarified juice before the ultrafiltration process for pasteurization and dearomatization
    For the second time, as a refined juice to withstand the process of initial and final condensation, interstage filtration and product cooling
    The condensation process involves the addition of refined juice to the heated column, with the heated column flowing downward as a drip film. The hot steam heats the tower from the outside to the boiling point and evaporation point of the liquid and is released to the next condensation level.
    The steam is directed to the separator and used for further heating. The product is subjected to a subsequent evaporation stage to obtain a suitable concentration.
    The modern and intuitive interface ensures easy and safe operation; it selects parameters for the production cycle in a fully automated manner.
    The juice concentrated at the evaporation station is cooled and pumped through a pipeline to an equalization tank and then standardized to a storage tank.
    Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. not only supplies equipment for juice production lines, but also provides professional equipment for Milk Processing Plant to help you produce products more efficiently and quickly. 

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