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Jimei UHT Milk Machine Is Affordable

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    In the field of ultra-high temperature milk production, the systems currently used in large-scale dairy farms are designed to handle basic capabilities and therefore cannot be used by small-scale producers.
    Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a series of unique and innovative mini systems to handle ultra-high temperature long shelf life milk. These lines are very simple to operate, user friendly, and contain low energy units.
    Our UHT Milk Machine range is very special in targeting farmers and small dairy farms that are interested in producing UHT milk. Provide ultra-high temperature milk production at an affordable price.
    Our production lines range from 300 liters/shift to 12,000 liters/shift.
    Ideal for goat and sheep milk producers.
    The package can be a stand-up pouch or an NPDF pouch. The advent of new and attractive packaging materials has gradually replaced the old and traditional packaging on the market – the cardboard box.
    A modern flexible package – a sturdy laminated heat-resistant bag is becoming the main packaging material for most long shelf life products. A given package can be in the form of a pillow or in the form of a stand-up pouch (Doy Pack). These bags are used for the disinfection of products in special disinfection systems.
    All products have a long shelf life at room temperature.
    The milk production line performs the entire cycle of milk receiving, pasteurization and standardization, packaging and heat treatment. In addition, the pipeline includes all necessary auxiliary equipment and equipment such as compressors, pumps, filters, auxiliary capacity, dairy piping and valves, electrical communications, etc.
    This innovative breakthrough in long shelf life products and equipment allows manufacturers: small, medium and large farmers and suppliers to process long shelf life milk and packaging.
    Our sales team is happy to provide you with a long shelf life Milk Production Line that best suits your needs. 

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