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Jimei Provides The Budget Of The Juice Processing Plant

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    Regardless of your size or your product, Jimei can help you choose the right equipment to fill. From small batch filling machines to fully automated bottling Fruit Juice Production Line, we can help.
    Bottling equipment from beverage manufacturers - making the right decisions
    As long as you make the right choice, choosing to invest in new equipment can help you maximize production and reduce labor costs. Choosing a device can lead to many different problems:
    How do you know that you are purchasing high quality bottling equipment at a good price?
    How do you know how to use it?
    If something goes wrong, who will help?
    What can we offer?
    We don't just provide equipment. We offer a full range of services to ensure you get the best return on your investment, including:
    Give you advice on the right equipment – ​​budget, space, desired throughput, labor, etc. considering
    High quality, rugged equipment
    Competitive price
    Advice on incorporating new equipment into existing plans
    Replacement options for old devices
    Advice on equipment layout, power/water requirements in buildings, etc.
    Experienced Jimei engineers thoroughly tested the equipment before shipment
    Experienced Jimei engineers set up, commission and train on site
    A comprehensive 12-month warranty, supported by our engineers and a five-year warranty on selected equipment ranges.
    All of this ensures that you choose the right device for yourself, which will seamlessly integrate into your operations. Our engineers ensure that the equipment works flawlessly for you, allowing you to quickly and easily increase production, reduce costs and increase profitability.
    Bottling equipment
    We offer a full range of bottle equipment, including fillers, rinsers and closures/cans, regardless of your size or volume. To see the range that is right for your product, please select your product type via the link below:
    Bottle filling
    Case study
    Read a small section of our bottling case study here.
    Jimei can provide equipment recommendations to suit your Juice Processing Plant planned productivity and budget. We welcome your inquiry.

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