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Body Armor: Variants Through the Ages

  • For quite some time, body coverings have been used by the military, as well as the normal civil authorities of countries, to protect the body from projectiles. Whether expected or unexpected, projectile shots can simply pierce clothing and human skin, leaving no protection for the victim. The protective layer protects the body, either by holding the bullet and preventing it from interacting with the skin, or by greatly reducing the impact of the shot.

    Is body armor good for you In the early ages, heroes used the skin of creatures to make a protective layer of the body, and this was used as a protective shield in the midst of war. With the advent of civilization, wooden fences appeared, followed by metal fences. During the time of the knights, in the Middle Ages, shields developed mostly in Europe. Their notes in archaic and renaissance writing have created vast amounts of information and have helped a large number of scholars to imagine a set of principles common to the period. It was at this time that heavier coatings began to be used. With protection reinforcements and unrivaled protective caps, the appeal of reinforcements has evolved into a fantastic gear image.

    Further east, especially in Japan, thin, smooth material was used during the medieval period. This was, perhaps, the main known event of the delicate protection of the body. In American military circles, however, such a shield appeared almost at the end of the nineteenth century. The disservice of a shield made of such material was, of course, a low degree of protection. While they could protect the body from more modest velocity shots, the more mundane ammunition actually posed a hazard. There was another justification for constantly stopping the smooth shield, and that was the expense factor. Expensive to take care of large parts of their military, the volunteer army finally had to reduce the use of smooth body reinforcement.

    Later in the line of the protective layer for the body, a light look of threads appeared. The new age army, police, paramedics and special forces use rebar made from a light texture but more impressive than its metal ancestors. These days, a durable and adaptable texture made from man-made fiber is commonly used to create protection. What makes it durable is the degree of protection from heat and various materials. In addition to the fact that the armor is made of durable material, it is also more pleasant to the touch. They even provide better protection against projectiles, sharp edges, and pointed weapons.

    Today there are several materials from which the protective layer of the body is made, such as Dragon Skin, Spectra, Twaron, GoldFlex, Dyneema and Zylon. The highlights of virtually each are comparable, but the materials and results vary in price. Indeed, the biggest disservice to protective layers from so many materials is the cost factor. Another material sometimes used is ceramic, which is incredibly safe and durable. Whatever the material, the client must ensure that the reinforcement is suitable for the circumstances he has to face.

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