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  • Necklaces

    Our necklace length chart below covers most standard lengths you'll come across online for women's necklaces, pendants and chains. It will give you an idea of where each length is likely to sit on a woman's frame. But remember that all of us come in different shapes and sizes: if you...
  • Bracelets

    Bracelets have been around for centuries. From their primitive versions made of grass to their modern varieties, bracelets have come a long way and continue to be one of the trendiest jewels. Once you learn to ace your style game with a bracelet, there is no looking back! You will stand out in the ...
  • NEc chains

    Plain, unornamented gold chains of metal are classic male jewelry. They can create any number of looks depending on the metal, chain length, style of links and method of fastening them. The most classic style of chain necklace has relatively flat loops spaced close together. The chain almost looks ...
  • Gold RIngs

    Those who know me know I have a thing for Gold ring. Even as a kid, my mom told me, I used to adorn myself with all her pieces. Fast forward a gazillion years and here I am now… not much has changed for me in that perspective. Well… if I’m honest I’ll tell you that as a big...
  • Gold Earrings

    Gold earrings have always been so hot and attractive in the summer time. The warm color and based on their design these jewelry pieces could highlight your best features and compliment your look in a perfect way.
  • Diamond pendants

    A diamond pendant makes for a stunning and meaningful gift for any special occasion. To ensure you purchase the most beautiful necklace, review the diamond closely. Look for a diamond that is clean of blemishes and inclusions—and one that offers plenty of brilliance (also known as sparkle).
  • Drop Earrings

    Statement drop earrings are a must for any jewelry collection. We offer pearl drop earrings, flower statement earrings, long drop earrings, stud statement earrings, tassel drop earrings, beaded earrings, boho drop earrings, clip-on statement earrings and much, much more!
  • Long Necklaces

    Shop our Long & Layered necklaces to find the perfect selection of long necklaces for you and your wardrobe. The best addition to make any outfit look instantly put-together, Saachi offers long pearl necklaces, long beaded necklaces, long corded necklaces, gold long necklaces, and more.
  • Bandanas

    Wear the Saachi Style bandana for women to hit the streets in style. Tailored in premium quality fabric and adorned with exotic prints, they are indeed a smart buy to spice up your wardrobe! Check out our exclusive collection of bandanas!
  • Kimonos

    Kimonos are a Saachi signature item, we are a go-to for kimonos, kimono ponchos, kimono cardigans, kimono vests, ruana wraps, casual kimonos, and kimono cover-ups. The perfect layer to add to your outfit!