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Which Is the Best Hair Conditioner for Women?

  • Most people know that shampoo and conditioners are complementary terms related to home-based hair care plans. Yet, they also falter in understanding this very important aspect that they both perform two different functions. A shampoo can only cleanse and remove dirt from your scalp, but it cannot provide the required nutrition that a conditioner does. Therefore, if you have been facing dandruff or frizzy hair, it is advisable to opt for the best hair conditioner for women.

    Hair care issues never surface all of a sudden, they are the result of prolonged negligence on our part in taking care of our hair and scalp. It worsens with other ill-advised lifestyle patterns like poor eating and drinking habits, less sleep, lethargic outlook, and illness (and their consequent medications). Opting for a topically applied hair care product can work wonders, but it is still advisable to mend one’s way for the best results. 

    How to opt for the best hair conditioner for women?

    First of all, the term ‘best hair conditioner for women’ is a misnomer because no conditioner is made for women alone. This practice has arisen because the skincare industry has traditionally revolved around girls and women only, which is why conditioners are mentioned in their name. you may note that these products work for both men’s and women’s hair.

    When selecting the best hair conditioner for women, it is important to discuss a few pointers to help you make an easier decision. We are mentioning those pointers below:

    • Deep moisturization: A conditioner should provide deep and long-term moisturization to the hair roots. It would help make the hair follicles derive enough nourishment and stay strong.  
    • Provides nutrition to hair roots: In the case of dandruff or other scalp-related infections, the hair roots often do not get adequate nutrition. This makes them weaker and the hair starts falling out
    • Reduces fibre hydrophilicity: If your hair prefers oil to water, it could become stickier and more prone to fall more easily.
    • Reverses the effect of free radicals, sun’s UV rays, and heating tools: These factors reduce the hair’s natural moisture content and thus accelerate hair fall rate. 
    • Detangling effect: Detangled hair is difficult and painful to comb, let alone straighten. They often get stuck because of a lack of nutrition.
    • Consistency: A hair care product should have equal consistency. This would help in its easier application, no matter the hair care issue. 
    • Natural and toxin-free ingredients: Hair conditioners made of natural and toxin-free ingredients are superior to their chemically enriched counterparts. 
    • Provides softness and strength: A hair conditioner should be gentle and nourishing enough to provide softness and strength to the hair strands. This should stay independent of other external factors like seasonal changes or other applied products.
    • Drives away frizz and flyaway hair: Frizz and flyaway hair result from poor nutrition levels. Any hair care product that does not provide enough nourishment is ineffective.

    We will now discuss which is the best hair conditioner for women- and it’s all up next!

    Which is the best hair conditioner for women?

    We recommend opting for a hair conditioner that checks all the boxes above. It should also be offered by a reputed and certified safe brand known for its multiple offerings in the same domain. One such brand is Mamaearth. It is Asia’s first Made Safe-certified brand, and it offers a wide range of FDA-approved hair care products for people of all age groups (over the age of 15 years).

    1. We recommend you opt for its Onion Conditioner for Hair Fall Control. It reduces hair fall, detangles hair fall, and softens hair. It also helps in detangling hair and makes the hair smoother and shinier. This hair conditioner features onion, sweet almond oil, coconut, and coconut triglycerides. These ingredients help increase blood circulation and prevent hair fall. Its regular application also reduces bacterial infections and thus promotes faster hair growth.

    2. You may also opt for Mamaearth’s Rice Water Conditioner with Rice Water and Keratin for Damaged, Dry and Frizzy Hair. It reduces split ends, prevents hair breakage, and Makes hair smoother. This hair conditioner features Fermented Rice Water, Keratin, and Coconut Oil that together strengthen hair and add shine to the hair, thus preventing premature graying. This hair care product works well for frizzy and flyaway hairs too.

    We recommend you opt for these two hair care products as per your hair care issues. 

    Which is the best body wash for skin whitening?

    Skin whitening and brightening should be two important phases of skincare, no matter what your age is. If you are looking for the best body wash for skin whitening, we recommend that you opt for Mamaearth’s Ubtan Body Wash With Turmeric and Saffron for Glowing Skin. 

    It features Turmeric, Walnut, Saffron, and Glycerin. These natural ingredients provide an instant glow to the skin and protect the skin from sun damage. It also gently exfoliates and helps remove impurities from the skin pores. You can get refreshed, softer, and more supple skin by opting for this body wash. 

    We would recommend that you back up its good results with a safe and gentle face moisturizer or face cream to provide deeper hydration to the skin cells. It would also help keep the facial skin cells hydrated and better prepared to deal with seasonal dryness.

    Summing up!

    Your skincare and body care routines cannot be viewed in isolation. They are two interrelated aspects of your physical appearance and thus should always be considered in unison. We also recommend that you opt for Mamaearth’s skincare and hair care products because they are made using only safe, gentle, and natural ingredients- and are thus safe for regular use.

    About Mamaearth: It is Asia’s first brand certified with Made Safe certification. It offers a wide range of products that the FDA and PETA approved, and thus help you with the best grade of user experience. 

    Mamaearth is a plastic positive brand too, and it thus recycles more plastic than it uses for its branding and manufacturing purposes. This brand also plants a tree for every order it fulfills from its website and has already planted more than 300,000 saplings.

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