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Java Developer Kit: The Latest Version

  • In this blog, we shall know about the latest version of the Java Developer Kit (JDK). 

    When was the JDK 17 released?

    JDK 17 is the latest version. The tool saw the market on September 14, 2021. With this version, Oracle replaced the previous one within six months again.

    You probably do not have to think much about it because it is not much different from the previous version, the JDK 16. It, of course, does differ from its predecessor in some aspects.

    How long will Oracle release updates for JDK 17?

    From the name JDK 17 LTS, we can infer that it is a Long-Term Support version. According to Oracle, developers will continue to receive updates for the tool until September 2024.


    Since it is a long-term support version, developers can explore the tool as much as they want. They can kick aside the worry of the Java development kit 17 going extinct any time before 2024!

    Cost of Operation of JDK 17

    Well, you can use the JDK 17 for production for free. Additionally, the Oracle No-Fee Terms and Conditions allow developers to redistribute those binaries without paying anything.

    Benefits of JDK 17

    Staying up to date

    Well, staying up to date with the most recent developments is a must for those in the IT industry. Some reasons are as follows:

    1. a) New software/ tools make their appearance in the IT industry daily.
    2. b) Even the older software/tools receive regular touch-over and updates for a better user experience.

    Therefore, developers may consider equipping themselves with the latest JDK version. Moreover, Oracle highly recommends all Java-using developers for Java development kit download.

    Security and other support

    Being an LTS version, Oracle will continue to back JDK 17 with security updates at least up to eight years after the release. You can read about it in Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) schedule. Oracle specifies many aspects of the tool, like security, performance, bug fixes, etc., under the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap.

    Java Development Kit Download

    Java development kit 17 is not limited to any one platform. Developers working on multiple platforms, such as macOS, Windows, and Linux, can benefit from JDK 17. If you are thinking of a Java development kit download, you may do it through the following links:

    Java development kit download for Linux users

    1. a) Arm 64 Compressed Archive (171.13 MB)
    2. b) Arm 64 RPM Package (153.16 MB)
    3. c) x64 Compressed Archive (172.35 MB)
    4. d) x64 Debian Package (148.02 MB)
    5. e) x64 RPM Package (154.78 MB)

    Java development kit download for macOS users

    1. a) Arm 64 Compressed Archive (166.88 MB)
    2. b) Arm 64 DMG Installer (168.81 MB)
    3. c) x64 Compressed Archive (169.42 MB)
    4. d) x64 DMG Installer (168.81 MB)

    Java development kit download for Windows users

    1. a) x64 Compressed Archive (170.66 MB)
    2. b) x64 Installer (152 MB)
    3. c) x64 MSI Installer (150.89 MB)

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